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Literary analysis essays are similar to other essays that we write in our academic careers. However, the point of difference is the attention given to the context. The context of literary analysis is more like an argumentative essay or it is more analytical in its nature. Thus, a literary analysis essay is a critical evaluation of a piece of writing or literature, in which either a claim is defined or proved.

There are six basic steps that can help to create a content-oriented literary analysis essay outline. Before writing an essay, it is important to create an outline because it not only packs the content in a flow. But it is one of the best ways that can keep a track of the essay by reinforcing the point of arguments. In a nutshell, it would not be wrong to say that outline is one of the modes that can help in the successful completion of an essay.

Following are the six basic steps to create an outstanding literary analysis essay outline:

  1. 1. Create an introduction
  2. The very first step in creating an outline is to give a brief introduction to the topic. It will be just an introduction to the etymology or the background of the topic that you are going to discuss in your essay. The last sentence of the introduction should be a gist of the essay, i.e. it should be parallel to the topic or the main idea that is to be conveyed.

  3. 2. Discussion of the piece
  4. This step involves the discussion of the piece of writing or the topic. Here, it is important not to confuse the introduction because it is the first phase of description while the discussion is an insight into the aspects and features in a few words. It can also be a discussion regarding the context and the vision of the idea that is to be discussed.

  5. 3. Evaluating the aspects of arguments
  6. In this step jot down all the claims in the form of arguments that you have collected. Please note not to jot down all the aspects in a row. But you have to arrange them systematically where each aspect should be in connection with the prior arguments. It will create a systematic flow as well as a logic in the paper. It is the central section of the paper so it needs to be emphasized with proof.

  7. 4. Counter-arguing the aspects
  8. This section is given second-hand significance in evaluation. It is more like a backup plan that is penned to ensure that the arguments are not one-sided. In this section, counter-address the arguments so that the main idea of the arguments in the major sections seems to be more dominant. Please make sure to be clear and create a little bias towards the topic “in favor” because if counterarguments will be stronger than the essence of the paper will be lost. Also, it is important to the back-up statement with different claims and research citations.

  9. 5. Justifying position
  10. It is the ground step in which an essay writer is required to justify the claim. Here, a combination of both the arguments “favor and against” is given in such a way that the topic sentence or the main argument is proved. Many students miss this section and the essay gives an incomplete look.

  11. 6. Conclusion
  12. It is the winding-up step. In this step, the conclusion is presented in such a way that from the introduction to the justification all the points are summed up. Here, the Cs of communication is required unless the essay will lose its meaning. After a brief summary of all the claims and arguments proposed, you are required to end with a catchline. This catchline will be a topic sentence proving the point under study.

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