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Among many other types of essays, reflective essays can be tricky. First, what a reflective essay is? In more simple words it is a response to a topic or writing in the manner of a personal reflection. As long as an essay writer knows how to compose a solid outline for his reflective essay, it will be easier. The best method to make it easier to write a reflective essay is to first form an outline for the essay. Here’s a quick guide on how you can build an outline for your reflective essay.

The outline for such an essay is simple and carries the same parts as that of another essay. The three parts include the Introduction, Body, and Conclusion. However, the outlines different from other essay outlines due to the content to be put in these parts. Let us break down each of them so that you can understand better.


For an interesting reflecting essay, it is necessary to start off with a fascinating hook that will grab the attention of the essay at the very beginning. For this purpose use an attention-grabbing statement to start the essay. The first paragraph offers an introduction to the topic and sets the tone for the reader. Next, state all the key points of the essay.

Then, you have to include the thesis statement as the last line of the first paragraph. Now that it is your personal take on the matter, you must tell the reader about why they should read your essay. This must include all the critical ideas and aspects of the essay. So, the three elements of the outline for introduction include Hook, main points, and thesis statement.


The body is the main part of the essay and it must be dealt with accordingly when creating an outline for the essay. Now before starting the outline, first analyze how many paraphs can be formed as body paragraphs. It is better to form at least three body paragraphs and you will need one distinct idea to include in each.

However, it also depends on the topic as well as the instructions of the teacher. Choose the number of paragraphs after analyzing all these aspects. If the outline of the body section is firm, the reflective essay outline will be strong. The outline for each of the body paragraphs will remain the same while introducing a new notion in each of them.

The first element in this section’s outline is the topic sentence. When making an outline, form a topic sentence as it will help to write the essay more effectively without creating confusion between ideas. The next element is the evidence that supports your idea or claim.

Note down the reputable source along the outline in an organized way and you will be saved from the hustle. Lastly, include the analysis of the idea through logic and information from the source.


Even though you have addressed all the important aspects and ideas, this essay is not yet complete. You must provide a conclusion which is as strong as your arguments. Most of the students lose their grades because they underestimate the significance of the conclusion of their essays.

Use the conclusion to clearly state your stance on the topic. Be as explanatory and clear as you can. The outline for the conclusion will include the thesis statement, main key ideas, and then the closing sentencing in this sequence.

When you form a clear outline, only then you will be able to write an impactful reflective essay. The audience must be left pondering on the points you raised but they should not be confused. For this reason, form an outline that covers all key points but is still attractive and easy to comprehend.

Lastly, you can also hire a legitimate essay writing service to craft a perfect outline for you in no time.

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