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College level is ranked second in academic hierarchy and it adds to the seriousness and quality of work that is required. Adding quotations is one of the most significant writing attributes that can add to the quality of an essay. It helps to support the ideas penned in the college essay with concrete evidence. If you want to add a quote but you don't know how to add it, there is no need to worry as I will provide essay help to a writer who knows some simple ideas that can facilitate this task.

Firstly, look for a relevant and authentic quote. It is important to select a good quote because the only authentic work is the one that is supported by philosophic or content-oriented ideas and open to analysis. After choosing the quotation, make sure it doesn’t exceed more than a sentence. Or you can also ask others to write essay for me.

One of the examples is, “Brown leaves present death of a relationship, while green leaves represent the inverse”. A good quotation is always shorter than 4 typed lines. Before adding a quotation, keep in mind to create the background that can add to the relevancy of your quotations. For example, the above-mentioned quote can be added by writing a paragraph about living and dead relationships.

Adding lead-in is important for adding quotations. Lead-in refers to the evidence of root. The term root refers to the author or the one who is the designer of the research. For example, you can write,


According to Hannon, brown leaves present the death of a relationship, while green leaves represent the inverse.

After having a lead on, you have to add "quotation marks". In your college essay, you cannot add a quotation in a simple writing style because it will not stand out. Also, adhering to the academic pattern, you are required to add proper quotation marks. So, you will write it this way

According to Hannon, ‘Brown leaves present death of a relationship, while green leaves represent the inverse.’

Now, the next step is to do commentary. Yes, it is crucial to add a commentary that will be a few sentences long. It is important to comment on the quotation added because it will create a flow of your college essay. In addition, your quotation will appear as a part of the essay. For a better understanding of adding quotations, consider that a quote conveys 40% of the meaning while the remaining meaning is communicated with the help of commentary and the background discussion that is made with the quote.

Another quick trick that you can use while adding quotations in your college essay is to “Rephrase the quote”. It will not only amend the structure of your essay but the quotation will appear as the part of an essay because there are chances that the quote might not convey the meaning directly. For adding a paraphrased quote, you have to follow the rephrasing tricks.

In addition to using author name, if you don't know the name of the author, you can quote the name of the book, you can also quote the actual article by saying, in "An Ode to Nightingale” the writer has communicated the significance of relationships by comparing them with a different object in the world. If still worried about the writing process, just pay for essay now and get it done.

In case you are doomed to add a long quote, you are not supposed to write the complete quote in your essay. Rather, you can add ellipsis, (……..) in the middle. It will not only convey the context that you want to communicate but it will add to the overall weightage of the essay.

This guide will help you write a perfect essay. If you still want help, consult a write my paper service now.

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