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A research paper is a research-based account of any phenomenon. A research paper consists of different sections and students of higher secondary school are often asked to develop research questions as part of their academic activities. There are a few academic kinds of literature that serve as a complete guide for writing a research paper. Therefore, students feel difficulty in writing a research paper.

Prior to developing an outline for the research paper, writing an overview of the research paper is considered a challenging task. Many students face difficulties in writing an overview of research papers, and if you are facing such issues this article will ease your challenge. Below you can find a handy guide about writing the overview of your research paper. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

Enlist the important features of your research paper

An important thing prior to starting the overview is listing important aspects of your paper. These important features are what you will be addressing in the research paper. When you have a clear idea about the features of your research paper, give them a thorough read, and plan their arrangement in the research paper. Remember, the overview does not require addressing each feature in detail rather you may reflect the features of your research paper in the outline.

Outline the problems you will be addressing

In the overview, the next thing you will do is outlining the research problems. The overview is an important component of the research paper and here you need to mention the research problems. Often writers do this, to ease the reading content but you need to make sure that your readers are having a clear idea about your research problems while reading. If this is becoming difficult, you may ask to write my paper on the web and find a reliable writer for your paper.

What is your thesis stance?

Though it's not a clear component of the overview while writing you should have a clear idea about your thesis stance. It will help you in writing a strong and comprehensible overview as any confusion about the thesis stance can develop confusion. The thesis stance serves as a guide for problem formulation in the research paper. A reflection of the thesis stance in the overview can be written like considering the research problems, this research paper posits that the socio-economic impacts of COVID- 19 may strangle economic development for decades to come.

Develop a clear hypothesis

Like the thesis statement, a balanced and strong hypothesis grabs the attention of readers. The hypothesis is a perceived relation between two variables in a statement and for many researchers, such a statement helps in drawing out the features of the research paper. The essay writer often mentions the hypothesis clearly in the last sentences of the overview, as doing this creates a better understanding of the research paper in the reader’s mind.

Make the overview concise

Finally, when you have addressed each component of the research paper in your overview, try to make it concise. A lengthy overview is not suggested at all as it turns the paper more complex and confusing. The writers always find it easy to write a lengthy overview but doing this leaves many things unaddressed and there is a chance that you will make certain grammatical mistakes as well.

Reread and revise for any misconception

In the end, you will reread the entire overview of the paper. Rereading will help you revise the entire content for any misconceptions and grammatical errors. Students often avoid giving a second read to the overview, but this is strictly not recommended and therefore, you should give your content a second and third read. If you are still confused, consult an essay writing service to do this task for you.

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