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If you are a student, you must be aware of the fact that formatting a paper according to the academic writing standards is extremely important in academic writing. There are several formatting styles that you can use to format your essay. No matter if you are writing essays or research papers, you have to follow the guidelines of a specific formatting style or hand over your work to a professional essay writer.

One of the most common formatting styles is Chicago Style. If you are instructed to follow the Chicago formatting style, you can follow the below guidelines to format your paper.

The general format of the paper

  • A title page.
  • Content or body pages
  • If needed, provide appendixes.
  • Notes
  • Bibliography section for sources used in the paper.

Chicago style cover page

The content in the Chicago style title page will be written in the middle. The first thing that you will write on the cover page will be the title of your research paper. Remember, in Chicago format, you do not need to embellish or decorate your page by writing the title in bold or any other creative font. Keep the title simple by selecting font 12, Times New Roman.

After the title, you are required to write your name followed by your supervisor’s name, the program title, and the date. Your name will be mentioned directly under the title of your research. However, your instructor’s name, along with the date and program name will be penned at the end of the page in three lines. Working with a ‘write my essay for me’ service, you will not have to worry about anything going wrong.

One thing that you need to keep in mind is that most of the students insert a page number on the cover page, which is completely wrong. The cover page is not supposed to be counted as the first page. So, refrain from adding a page number on the title page.

Page layout

  • Insert one-inch margins on all sides of the pages.
  • The content of all the pages must be double-spaced.
  • The font should be Times New Roman or Time and the font size should be 12.
  • In Chicago format, you do not need to fully justify the text. Keep the text left-justified. This way it will have the rough right edge.
  • The first line of each paragraph should be ½ left indent along with the bock quotes.
  • The citation of each source in the bibliography section will be hanging indent.
  • Insert a header on the first page of the text. Edit the header by adding your last name and the page number. Do not count the preliminary pages, bibliography, and appendix as a part of your page count.

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Endnotes and footnotes.

  • For endnotes and footnotes, you will follow the same formatting guidelines.
  • For footnotes, use Arabic numbers instead of Roman numbers to refer to the sources.
  • Do not reuse a number. Each source should be cited with a different number.
  • Insert double space between all the entries.
  • You can add multiple sources in a single note by separating them with a help of a semicolon.
  • Use the font style Times New Roman, 10 pt. font size for the notes.
  • Remember, the number of footnotes will always occur at the end of the sentence, no matter if the citation is written at the end or start of the sentence.

Rules for bibliography.

  • The bibliography will be the last section of your paper. It will appear on a separate page with the word “bibliography” written at the center of the page.
  • The list of the sources will be written below the page title, one by one.
  • All the sources will be hanging indent which means that the first line of each source will begin at the margin.

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