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Do you ever wish to be an intellectual, a confident speaker, a creative thinker, and an informed individual? What if I tell you that you can have all these traits? Would you believe me? Sure, you would, every speech or essay writer must have these traits if he or she wants to learn the art of debating.

The greatest award you receive is the intellectual one. Speech and Debate naturally make you a more confident speaker, a more creative thinker, and a more informed individual. After attending a tournament, you will know so much about the topic, you could impress any student, teacher, parent, or even expert with your ideas.

Speech and Debate strive to create individuals who go above and beyond. It also strives to create the thinking elite. After acquiring such an amazing skill set you can use it to advance yourself in an industry of your liking.

If you have taken part in a school or college debating competition, and you are not aware of the rules of how you should write a debate, then you need not worry. I will provide you with some basic guidelines that might help you crack the debating competition. Different people have different approaches to debate writing; however, you could be a slayer (in a manner of speaking and writing) if you follow the detailed process below.

Be an adult about it: A debate is not supposed to be emotionally propulsive (unless the topic demands it), nor should it have personal anecdotes. Try to detach yourself from the topic; statistics and facts should suffice your arguments. So be an adult and build your base on facts. Dwell into the histories, go ahead and quote famous people (but do provide a personal angle to it, for originality).

Have a firm basis for your arguments: - Words only help you to emphatically present your argument, but to have it botched up with misdirection would be a poor choice. So no matter how eloquently an argument is put forth, if you cannot back it up, it becomes a point of vulnerability. Now in open-ended debates knowing your topic thoroughly and covering all angles would be prudent. Also, don’t make up arguments and forge data, if your debate has a panel of jury, you can be sure they are there for their knowledge. Regardless of that, a quick google search really blows your cover.

Cool Rhetoric: Try not to be aggressive with your words and rhetoric, nor should you be sardonic. It is really not in the spirit of debating and is perceived as juvenile.

Do not get carried away: Trim your work to fit within the designated time limit. Have a free flow and sequentially deliver your arguments that show you have a command of language too. And be polite with your word and mind your etiquette in framing and taking up questions. A professional essay writing service can help you with this, for he not only knows the art of argumentation but can also help you with writing formal expressions.

Now, the Nuances!

Before following the above steps, make a draft of the possible arguments against your side. Deliberate their strengths and weaknesses as arguments.

To stump a debater if you can grasp their misconstrued words and find faults. That is a plus point.

Be of alert ears at beginnings and the ends. In presenting an argument, the opening and the ends are usually aesthetic, but if there is a likelier place to find vulnerabilities, it is the end and the beginning of your debate.

I hope this helps.

Good luck and Godspeed!

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