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Annotated Bibliographies is a crucial prewriting step in developing a research paper or essay. When writing annotations, you should remember that the bibliography should be able to cover all the aspects of the topic.

For instance, an example can be taken from the role of board members in corporate governance. This topic requires the essay writer to find all the possible roles played by the board members in corporate governance. These roles can be positive as well as negative. Similarly, the comparison of different models of corporate governance will need the writer to research the pros and cons of all these models. A separate discussion should be included for all the models.

To make topic selection simpler, I’ve included the following unique topics that can base your annotated bibliography on.

  1. Genetic Engineering
  2. How to market products in Egypt?
  3. What are some common mistakes in advertising?
  4. How to learn the art of sales promotion?
  5. The use of social media marketing to enhance the sales of various businesses?
  6. What promotional strategies are most successful in the wake of Covid 19?
  7. What are the uses and abuses of the internet in different fields?
  8. Criteria for the successful economic development of the countries
  9. Impact of exchange rate fluctuation on the imports and exports
  10. The causes and consequences of the financial crisis of 2008
  11. Using financial ratios to assess the financial position of the company
  12. The comparison of shareholders and stakeholders views of corporate social responsibility.
  13. The role of board members in the corporate governance
  14. Can human resources be considered a source of competitive advantage
  15. How can businesses turn the whole supply chain green?
  16. The green marketing: what has been done and what has to be done further?
  17. Is money the only incentive for employees?
  18. Role of multinationals in the third world country: What is needed and what is done?
  19. The recycling debate: how can the organizations fulfill their responsibilities?
  20. Global warming: Causes and consequences
  21. Exercise: for whom? How and when?
  22. Absenteeism: Causes, consequences, and solutions
  23. A comparative analysis of models of corporate governance.
  24. How should organizations grow, Vertical or horizontal integration?
  25. Water pollution: Causes and consequences
  26. Should some processes be outsourced by businesses?
  27. Ethical considerations while marketing various products
  28. Tax evasion and avoidance: what is right and what is wrong?
  29. Healthy eating for children
  30. Is a high-priced drug justified?

Most of the above topics are related to the field of business. You’ll notice that some topics require researching more than one idea. The example can be taken from tax evasion and avoidance: what is right and what is wrong? In such annotated bibliography topics, the researcher will have to provide separate sources for both these terms. Some of the research may also include a comparison of these two terms.

Some topics related to corporate social responsibility and its relation to the businesses. The basic topic in this regard is the comparison between stakeholders’ theory and shareholder theory. The annotated bibliography for this topic will also show both sides of the picture. There will be four facets of these topics including the pros and cons of both these theories.

Some topics related to some social problems e.g. water pollution and healthy eating for children. The annotated bibliography will include the actual statement of problem, causes, consequences, and solution to the issue. You should search for at least two sources for each part of the topic.

The annotated bibliography may restrict the students to a specified number of sources to be provided. If these sources are more than ten, you can refer to a good online essay writing service for help. You can get the complete bibliography as well as some specific guidelines from these platforms.

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