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If you have been assigned with the task of writing a persuasive essay and you feel muddled all of a sudden because you realize that only last week, you wrote an argumentative essay. Then, with a jolt and a sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach, you remember that you wrote an expository essay the week before that. You thought you had a pretty good idea of what a persuasive essay is and how to write it but now, you have been staring at the ceiling for the last fifteen minutes.

You are not the only one confused!

This is perfectly normal. Even the best of the best tend to forget the types of essays and the minute differences between them. The greatest of writers would probably not be able to tell the exact difference between an argumentative and a persuasive essay. But you, as a student who has to bear with academic writing and ground rules, have to know!

There is only one main difference between a persuasive essay and an argumentative essay. Persuasive essays have a more emotional tone and employ rhetoric that gains legitimacy by appealing to the principles of logic, rationality, and emotions when trying to convince the reader. The persuasive essay takes one particular viewpoint and stands up for it.

Topics to Stimulate Some Trains of Thought…

It is often hard for students to come up with topics if they are confused. Confusion is a blow to creativity. To get your creative juices flowing, it can be useful to have some persuasive essay topics enlisted over here as examples so that an essay writer can feel much at ease. It can be very liberating to write a persuasive essay!

  1. People tend to fear the unknown
  2. An overemphasis on rules murders creativity
  3. Creativity and mental illness often go hand in hand
  4. Retributive justice should give way to restorative justice
  5. Feminism is not just for women, it is empowering for men, too
  6. Schools must abolish the system of ranking students
  7. Instead of working hard, one must learn to work smart
  8. “Courage is not the absence of fear, but the triumph over it
  9. Change comes from within
  10. The glass ceiling is real for women
  11. Overworked employees cannot be of much use
  12. Paternal leave must be made mandatory
  13. Children need fathers as much as they need mothers
  14. Discrimination de-jure and the racial, ethnic and religious minorities of the world
  15. Psychological well-being and physical well-being go hand in hand
  16. Epigenetics point towards the importance of free will
  17. The myth of beauty and standards across cultures
  18. Body positivity does not mean an acceptance of bad habits
  19. Body shaming and its impact on mental health
  20. COVID-19 is not going to be the last virus that becomes a pandemic
  21. Pandemics and disrupted ecosystems
  22. Freedom of speech does not tolerate bigotry
  23. Genius gets beaten by hard work any day
  24. The myth of intelligence testing
  25. The importance of peer groups in adolescence
  26. Importance of empathy at the workplace
  27. Impact of threats to job security and employees’ performance
  28. Work-life balance-a key to better performance
  29. Psychological well-being of the employees and organizational goals
  30. The gender wage gap
  31. Harassment at the workplace is becoming commonplace
  32. The reason that women get blamed for being harassed
  33. Marriage counseling can save relationships
  34. The stigma around counseling needs to be stopped
  35. The need for less restrictive academic writing
  36. Incarceration for drug-related charges needs to be stopped
  37. Juvenile incarceration needs to stop
  38. Racial prejudices run deep
  39. Bullying at high schools is a mental health issue
  40. Gender neutrality has been long overdue
  41. Make and female norms for dressing need to change
  42. Gender is nothing if not cultural
  43. Sexuality is nothing if not biological
  44. Creativity does not always mean originality
  45. "Gone with the Wind” Promotes Racism
  46. “The Help” Promotes Racism
  47. Artificial intelligence can mean human extinction
  48. Will humans ever die out?
  49. The environment and human activities
  50. Finite resources and world politics
  51. Diplomacy and economic resources
  52. The economic system’s precariousness
  53. Religion is a cause of conflict
  54. Religion causes wars
  55. Religion does not cause bloodshed
  56. Morality can exist outside of religion
  57. Science and religion can never complement each other
  58. The case for deception in social experiments
  59. Research ethics and the threats to internal validity
  60. News has become unreliable in the age of information
  61. Does the fear of legal action stop domestic abuse?
  62. How a woman who hits back can be a victim…
  63. The importance of outdoor play for child development
  64. You can control the way your genes express themselves
  65. Lifestyle changes and health problems
  66. Lower back pain and a healthy lifestyle
  67. The experience of pain across genders
  68. Leadership and tunnel vision
  69. Group dynamics and mob behavior
  70. Teenage sensitivity to emotions
  71. Risk-taking behavior in teenage and adolescence
  72. Education and hegemony

I hope these topics come in handy when you start to write your essay. If you are still confused by the various rules of academic writing and you don’t think you can keep up with everything well in time for the deadline, a professional writer certainly can! Contact an online essay writing service that works round the clock to cater to all of your essay needs!

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