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Are you also facing a challenge in writing perfect descriptive essays? Don't worry, you're not alone. Many people struggle with writing such essays, and there's nothing bad about it. Not everyone could be a jack of all trades. But if you wish to become a pro in it, then continue reading.

Descriptive essays enable the readers to use all of their senses to make a picture of words in their minds. Therefore, they must be composed artistically and hit the senses of readers correctly.

Although there's no rocket science behind writing these essays, there are some tips and tricks that you can follow to ace your essays. A descriptive essay follows a standard format of introduction, body paragraphs, and conclusion. However, there is a lot of room for creativity in it.

Follow the following steps when writing descriptive essays and you’ll become a pro in no time or you can also ask an essay writing service to complete it for you.

  1. 1. Choose the right topic

    The key to writing a perfect essay is choosing the appropriate topic. The choice of topic should be something that attracts the readers and can hit all of their senses. Not each topic has the ability to engage with readers. Therefore, adequate attention and care should be given to the topic as it will decide what the outcome will look like.

  2. 2. Create an outline

    Never start your essay directly. Spare some time to create an outline before you write the actual essay. This will allow you to think about all the elements you wish to add to your essays, and when you start writing, you'll be certain that you missed nothing.

  3. 3. Write a strong introductory paragraph

    An introduction is something that decides if the reader will continue reading the essay or find the topic boring and quit reading it halfway. Therefore, the perfect essay will have a strong and catchy introductory paragraph. Moreover, it will include a solid thesis statement as its last sentence.

  4. 4. List the senses you want to associate with the topic

    Since the primary purpose of such essays is to invoke the senses and emotions of the reader, therefore the writer should explicitly highlight the senses they wish to hit in the essay. When I write my essay, I make a column of senses that I want to associate with the topic. Doing so makes the writing process easy, as you’ll only need to fill those columns with details and give them a paragraph structure.

  5. 5. Divide body paragraph into separate sections

    The body paragraph of an essay should be given the most attention. Divide them up and discuss each element in separate paragraphs. You can add 3-4 body paragraphs depending on the type and requirement of the essay. Be sure to not mix concepts and discuss distinct elements in different paragraphs.

  6. 6. Write a concluding paragraph

    In the conclusion section of the essay, rephrase the thesis statement and add a summary of major points described in the essay. The essay writer is also encouraged to write a personal analysis of the findings in this section.

  7. 7. Review and revise

    Proofreading the essay and looking for mistakes to correct them is as important as writing the actual essay. This step should not be ignored, as a simple mistake could lead to a loss in grades. You can also get essay help services from an expert paper writing service to proofread your essays. Having a second opinion on your writing ensures that no mistake is overlooked.

    Following the above steps is essential to become a pro in descriptive essays. These steps will hopefully help you to produce an essay that is eligible for getting the highest grades.

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