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Every individual has their personal style of writing whether he is writing on a notebook or computer. When you write in a notebook your handwriting mostly identifies you. However, when you type your essay your wording, sentence making, and selection of words develop your personal style. Teachers or fellows can easily identify your work through your personal writing style. Therefore, it is crucial to improve your personal writing style with time.

We are here to explain seven basic yet important ways that can help an essay writer in improving your personal writing style in academia.

Write in Active Voice

Try to do academic writing in active voice as much as you can. For example, do not write: "The food was cooked by Sarah", instead write that "Sarah cooked the food". Active voice sentences seem more clear and understandable than passive voice. You can use passive voice when the subject of the action or doer is unknown. Otherwise, complete your academic task in an active voice so you can end up with quality work

Work on Your Punctuation

Students work on their grammar but they skip punctuation mistakes. Punctuation is as important as grammar because it gives your sentence a clear meaning and sense. Students commonly make mistakes while adding semicolons, dash, and commas. They get confused over punctuation and seek help to say “write my essay for me” so practice a lot to avoid it. Don't add commas at an inappropriate place and add where it is actually required. Similarly, practice and learn about the use of the semicolon and quotation marks within sentences.

Consider Sentence Structure

Sentence structure is the most crucial thing that makes your personal style better or worse. Many students get confused over the length of the sentences. They write long and lengthy sentences that become unclear for the readers. On the other hand, some students start chopping sentences and write too many short sentences.

Therefore, if you want to improve your writing style you have to work a lot on sentence structure. Use the appropriate length of the sentence and learn about perfect sentence fragments. It will help you to write your assignments like a pro.

Avoid Repetition

Many students keep their focus on the length or word count of the assignments. They repeat the same information in different ways to complete their task rather than adding new information. Don't make this mistake and improve your personal style by writing without repetition. Search a lot and add relevant data. You can reuse the same information but try to write differently and avoid copying already written sentences. Your whole work should be unique and free of repetition. If you are still confused, get help from an essay writing service now.

Be Clear and Formal

Your personal style should be clear and understandable for the readers. It should not be confusing or illogical. You have to write your work in the correct format and structure. Also, in academia, most of the essays or assignments have to be written formally so make sure you don't write informally else you will end up losing marks in the assignment. Read already written works to learn more about formal writing to improve your style.

Improve Vocabulary

Vocabulary is important in academic writing. When you pass and promote to the next class your writing tasks move to the next level. You are required to use a better and strong vocabulary according to your new academic level. Therefore, learn new words and try to use them in your assignments.

Set Language

Formal writing requires the correct language and tone for your essay. Understand who the audience of your work is and which language and tone are required to make your work persuasive. Keep your tone and language the same throughout the work and don't use slang or informal language in it.

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