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A college application essay is one of the measurement tools that can either certify your success or it can leave an essay writer with deep regret. A college application essay is more like a written account on a topic that is evaluated on the basis of criteria already decided and it helps you in your enrollment. There are multiple aims of the college application essay, but the ultimate aim of every student is to pass the essay. There is no doubt in the fact that failure is a word unknown to everyone nowadays because no one can afford to fail. It is one of the major reasons that students start practicing essay writing before going for the final evaluation. I’m going to share 67+ most trending college application essay prompts that can help you learn essay writing to pass the exam with good grades or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  1. Accepting the failure
  2. Learning from failure
  3. Differentiate personality from habit
  4. Decipher failure
  5. evaluate learning from hurdles
  6. Explain personal development
  7. Your idea of the problem solving
  8. Define criticism
  9. Explain your definition of beauty
  10. How do you define education?
  11. How do you wish to study?
  12. What do you expect from this institution?
  13. What makes you choose this institution?
  14. How do you differentiate learning from knowledge?
  15. Explain your concept of being creative
  16. How do you take hard work and education?
  17. Explain your experience of teamwork
  18. Your belief about multiculturalism
  19. Which extracurricular activity that you think is great?
  20. Explain your meaning of life
  21. How do you define the current education system?
  22. Which is your favorite book?
  23. What is your viewpoint of on-campus education?
  24. How do you appreciate literature?
  25. What brought you to this desk?
  26. What is your motivation in life?
  27. How do you think the world is going to change in the next few years
  28. What revolution do you expect in education?
  29. What has technology brought in education?
  30. How have your future goals proven to be realistic by now?
  31. What do you think about the future aspects of on-campus education
  32. How have your views about research changed over the course of time?
  33. What do you think about the challenges of becoming more social?
  34. How has social media changed your lifestyle?
  35. Do you think Facebook has impacted your education?
  36. How are your views about social media changed over the course of time?
  37. Do you think technology is a curse?
  38. What is your view about animal experimentation?
  39. What is your aim in research?
  40. What is the role of commitment in your life?

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  1. How have challenges shaped you?
  2. Are you a leader?
  3. What do you think about how a leader is made?
  4. What matters most, hard work or luck?
  5. What is the significance of self-expression?
  6. How can illicit behavior impact your position in college?
  7. How have your views changed about life?
  8. What if all your wishes come true?
  9. What if you get selected?
  10. How do you think your role as a citizen is important?
  11. What are your social responsibilities?
  12. Is there any connection between your position in a city and a school?
  13. Do you think you are lucky?
  14. How can your relationship impact your college education?
  15. What makes you strong?
  16. How do you feel, when you fail?
  17. Is failure a curse or a blessing?
  18. How do you measure your success?
  19. Do you think you can serve us?
  20. What is your definition of being lucky?
  21. Is life a matter of chance or choice?
  22. What are your priorities while being in college?
  23. How have your dreams modified you in the real world?
  24. Justify your idea of justice?
  25. Is knowledge a curse?
  26. Commitments or responsibilities, your choice?
  27. Live your life or life lives you, justify?
  28. Your dream job

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