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Isn’t it funny how often we are told to write an essay on the topic of the media? And even though it is all around us, we have no idea what we should talk about.

I will admit it. Choosing a topic for an essay writer is hard. Whether it be for a master’s essay or a college one. Which is why I am here with 70 topics that relate to the media.

  1. Political Communication in the United States
  2. Violence and Media
  3. The Termination of Diversity and Corporate Monopolies
  4. Research Analysis of ACME Media
  5. Analysis of “Seduction of the Innocent” by Frederic Wertham
  6. How Media Covers Ebonics
  7. Media Coverage of the Integration of Black English in the Syllabus
  8. How Media Plays a Role in Eating Disorders
  9. Cultural Issues in Society are Affected by Media
  10. Analyze America Sitcoms
  11. Analysis of Steven Pinker’s Mind Over Mass Media
  12. Analyze any Advertisement
  13. Analyze a Newspaper Article
  14. Communication Activity in a Media Organization
  15. The Media” Vast Wasteland or New Frontier, Analyze
  16. Media’s Impact on the Behavior of Females
  17. Media’s Sway on Body Images
  18. What is the Dominant Ideology in Media?
  19. Analyze Gender Stereotyping in Media
  20. What are the Educational Narratives Brought Forward by Media, Literature, and Pop Culture?
  21. “Men, Masculinities, and the Media” by Jackson Katz, Analyze.
  22. Analyze Media Devices Used in Any TV Show
  23. The Commerce Strategy Applied by Netflix
  24. Analyze “The Naked Crowd” by Jeffery Rosen
  25. How Social Media Can Affect the Environment of Youngsters
  26. Analyze an Article on Media and Violence
  27. The Fall of the Newspapers
  28. “Four Lessons from the Media’s Conflicted Coverage of Race”, Analyze
  29. How Media Portrays Plus Sized People
  30. How Media Covers and Portrays Violence
  31. Analysis of “Mainstream Media”
  32. Analyze the term “Media Bias”
  33. How Does Media Portray Terrorism and What are its Effects?
  34. “Yakobovich’s Story”, Analyze the Book
  35. Ethics in Media
  36. Racial Inequality in the Media
  37. The Price of a Social Media Connection
  38. Analysis of Any Survey Conducted About Social Media
  39. Analyze the book “Memoirs of Geisha” by Arthur Golden
  40. “How the Media Keeps Us Hung Up on Body Image” by Shari Graydon, Analysis of the Article
  41. Advertisements in Media
  42. How Media Portrays Police Violence and Brutality
  43. How is Western Society Portrayed in Media
  44. “Breakfast Wine”: A Comparative Media Analysis
  45. The Harmful Effects of the Show 13 Reasons Why
  46. How X-Men films Portray the Case of Racism
  47. The Effects of Showing Violence in Film and TV
  48. How to Create a Strategy for Social Media
  49. Analyze the Portrayal of Crime News
  50. Twitter, Facebook and Its Effects on Society

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  1. Mental Illness and the Film Industry
  2. Media’s Role in 1984 by George Orwell: The Big Brother Syndrome
  3. How Does Media Influence the Public?
  4. How Does Digital Marketing Work on The Media?
  5. How is the Media linked to the Criminal Justice System?
  6. Social Media’s Expansion into China
  7. The Effects of TikTok and Its Mass Media Coverage
  8. How Fairfax Media Became the Largest Media Company in Australia?
  9. Social Media and Gender
  10. The Change in the Flow of Media
  11. The Use of Twitter by Politicians
  12. How Social Media Platforms Allow Hate Speech
  13. The Lack of Fact-Checking in Facebook Ads
  14. Analyzing Media in South America Through Marxism
  15. Analyze How a Single Event was Covered by the Media
  16. How Media Portrays Climate Change
  17. The Fashion Industry and Media
  18. Media Imperialism
  19. United States Portrayal of the Crisis in Ukraine
  20. Media Censorship

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