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Do you like to read books? If yes, then you aren’t the only one. Many people like reading but their motive is different. Many people read to attain knowledge of certain historical incidents or to learn about new inventions of famous personalities. For many, reading is merely a hobby. However, if you are enrolled in a literature class then for you reading a book means analyzing, evaluating, and interpreting it.

Let’s just face it, analyzing a piece of literature is hard since you have to figure out themes, symbolism, settings, tone, etc along with the author’s motivation behind the plot. However, as it is said practice makes a man perfect. Therefore if you practice a lot you can also nail the art of writing a literary analysis essay.

You must be wondering what is the first step to write an effective literary analysis essay. Well, the first step is to find a topic. Why am I emphasizing so much on the topic? The reason is pretty simple. Many students in an attempt to impress professors select a topic that is beyond their understanding or often choose a topic that is too broad. Therefore, it is imperative to pick a topic that isn’t too broad and difficult to comprehend. You can always ask a service to write essay for me.

Are you assigned a task to write a literary analysis essay and that so on your chosen topic? If yes, then below is a list of 66 literary analysis essay topics from which an essay writer can choose the one that interests him the most. So why are we wasting our time? Let’s jump right into the pool of topics and get the best essay help now.

  1. Role of fate in Hamlet
  2. Role of Fate in Romeo and Juliet
  3. Character analysis of the lord Hamlet
  4. Character analysis of Ophelia from a psychological perspective
  5. The portrayal of love and romance in Romeo and Juliet.
  6. Mortality on Hamlet
  7. Beauty standards in The Cleopatra
  8. Themes in A Doll’s house
  9. Symbolism in A Doll’s houses
  10. The biblical theme in Beowulf
  11. Monsters in Beowulf
  12. Heroism in Beowulf
  13. Sexuality in The Great Gatsby
  14. Madness in the play Hamlet’s characters
  15. Witchcraft in Macbeth
  16. Role of lady Macbeth in the demise of Macbeth
  17. Is Macbeth a tragic hero?
  18. Is Hamlet a tragic hero?
  19. Analyze the themes in the play a streetcar named desire
  20. Representation of women in pride and prejudice
  21. Leadership styles in the lord of flies.
  22. Analyze the story into the wild
  23. How women were portrayed in old literature?
  24. Character analysis of Gertrude from a feminist perspective.
  25. Analyze the themes in Antigone
  26. Explain civil disobedience in Antigone
  27. Depiction of war in Homer’s Iliad
  28. War in George Orwell’s dystopian society.
  29. Injustice in The Grapes of Wrath
  30. Analyze gender roles in the Pride and prejudice
  31. Racial inequality in “To Kill a Mockingbird”.
  32. Setting sin Alice in wonderland
  33. Role of magic in Cinderella
  34. Why was Cinderella eager to go to the ball?
  35. The class difference in Cinderella.
  36. Social standing and wealth in Pride and Prejudice
  37. Conflict in lord of flies
  38. Power of love in The princess bride.
  39. American dream and The Great Gatsby.
  40. Analyze the character Daisy in The Great Gatsby.
  41. Analyze the character of Gatsby.
  42. Suicide glorification in the book 13 reasons why
  43. Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz
  44. Analysis of Shakespeare’s sonnets
  45. Symbolism in the Mice and Men
  46. Symbolism in The Red Badge of Courage
  47. Story settings in Wizard of Oz
  48. Analysis of Sindbad the sailor
  49. Bravery in Beowulf
  50. Historical context in how to kill a mockingbird
  51. WWI literary works analysis
  52. WWI literary works plot settings
  53. Settings in the book Lolita
  54. Imagery in the book Lolita
  55. Night by Elie Wiesel
  56. Side characters in Vanity fair
  57. The historical context of Duma’s novels
  58. Imagery usage in Walt Whitman
  59. The theme of violence in women of color
  60. The theme of discrimination in women of color
  61. The theme of empowerment in women of color
  62. Montana 1948 depiction of family
  63. Pip’s hurdles due to class difference
  64. Fairy stories and gender stereotyping
  65. Romanticism in Huxley’s dystopian society
  66. Dehumanizing nature: the lord of flies

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