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A picture is worth hundreds of words but can you paint a picture with your words? In a narrative essay, you have to paint a picture of any of your life experiences. An essay writer is always happy to get a narrative essay assignment because they get a chance to write and share their personal experiences. They get an opportunity to tell their story. Moreover, they also get a chance to share their views on an event. Narrative essay assignments are widely assigned by teachers to high school students as well as college and university students.

Although writing a narrative essay is a lot easier than other types of essays, selecting a topic is a bit difficult. Whenever students are asked by their teachers to write a narrative essay on any topic of their choice, students face difficulties in coming up with a good topic. Because writing an effective narrative essay is dependent on selecting a good topic, it must be selected after much consideration. If you are facing difficulties to think of potential narrative essay topics, here is a list of a few. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  • My first memory of myself
  • Meeting my best friend for the first time
  • My first day at school
  • Moving out of my parent’s house
  • Applying for my dream college or university
  • Adopting my first pet
  • How I fell in love with cats?
  • My favorite book
  • My most memorable summer camp with my family
  • Making friends at a school trip
  • Balancing extracurricular activities with curricular activities
  • How did I fight back my bully?
  • Learning to swim with my father
  • How I developed a love for gardening?
  • Gardening with my mother
  • My first ever spooky experience
  • I believed I saw a ghost
  • The most embarrassing moment of my life
  • The most memorable day of my life
  • My first day at college
  • Living in college dormitories
  • How I ruined my eighth birthday surprise?
  • A day spent in a power outage
  • If could go back in time

Need more topics? Hire a write my paper service to select one for you.

  • The most beautiful place I have been to in this world
  • How I reduced my carbon footprints?
  • My first da in quarantine
  • The time everything was going south
  • The time I got into a huge fight with my best friend
  • Getting my first job
  • Things I did to overcome my fear of darkness
  • My near-death experience
  • If I were the president of the US
  • Learning from my younger siblings
  • Cutting down my screen time
  • Going without internet for a week
  • How I lost weight?
  • Keeping myself physically and mentally fit
  • How did I develop the habit of waking up early in the morning?
  • How I convinced myself to have an active lifestyle?
  • The best summer holidays of my life
  • The time I planned my whole life
  • The moment I made my parents proud
  • Playing for my school soccer team
  • My dream came true
  • My favorite elementary school teacher
  • The moment I learned things can be seen through different perspectives
  • The time I got into a nasty street fight
  • The day I lost my school bag at the school playground
  • The teacher who inspires me
  • The thing that motivates me to get out of bed
  • Making my bed after waking up
  • My favorite birthday gift of all times
  • My father is my superhero
  • My mother is my role model
  • The time I got into an accident
  • The time when I was learning to ride a bicycle
  • The life-changing experience of my life
  • Discovering my passion for cycling
  • How I destroyed my habit of procrastination?
  • What role television plays in my life
  • How would my life be without screens?
  • The worst argument I had with my parents
  • The time I got sick of school
  • My first encounter with the police

Feel free to shortlist a few topics that interest you for your upcoming narrative essay assignment. In case you need help, you can always consult an essay writing service to do it for you.

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