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An expository online essay writing is an essay where the writer dwells on something, defines, and explains it. An expository can also be an analysis or evaluation of the main topic or subject that may be an issue. But it mainly depends on the topic one selects for his or her essay.

An expository essay should not be dry, boring, or unexciting. Instead, everyone makes efforts to make it like a masterpiece. An essay writer should do the same. This means you should also make efforts to develop an exceptional essay that would help you stand out. In this regard, the very first effort you should make is selecting an appealing and exciting topic. The topic that you something about and make it attention-grabbing to catch readers’ interest.

This article lists exciting, appealing, and attention-grabbing expository essay topics in order to help you pick a perfect one for writing essays.

  1. What is the history of school life?
  2. Who are your favorite students in your class and why?
  3. Select a professor you want to interview. What are their interests and why do they get in them?
  4. How does an individual join a fraternity?
  5. How can one stay fit and healthy while living at and eating hostel food?
  6. To vote or not? Why and what are the effects?
  7. Why should there be a school uniform? Why not?
  8. What are the effects of marijuana on mental wellbeing?
  9. Describe the outcomes of drug addiction.
  10. Does tolerance work all the time?
  11. What one can achieve if he/she fails to complete college education?
  12. How do you think you can stop inequality in the workplace?
  13. How should one know and understand business ethics?
  14. How ethics shapes one’s personality?
  15. Why do people love to live long?
  16. How children’s education is affected if parents divorce?
  17. Will you get rid of the death penalty?
  18. How can one become a good leader?
  19. Why do people fail to manage a team?
  20. Why do we think that honor does not exist in today’s community?
  21. The advice on how to deal with life dilemmas?
  22. Describe the effects of fast food on health.
  23. Why do people prefer write my essay services?
  24. Can the WHO handle and cure COVID-19?
  25. What can be the hidden consequences of COVID-19?
  26. Association of mental health and one’s IQ.
  27. What is the association between AIDS and poverty?
  28. What you will do for women’s rights?
  29. Are women treated fairly?
  30. How can each country deal with COVID-19?
  31. John Snow: A well-known bastard.
  32. Highlight the importance of the secondary role in a scene or play.
  33. Comedy and credibility of a movie
  34. Describe the effects of World War II on the economy.
  35. Describe where China is winning?
  36. The Crusaders: The Heroes OR villains
  37. What is the role of social media in marketing?
  38. What is the role of marketing in business growth and success?
  39. What is the difference between iPhone quality and Android competencies?
  40. How and when Turks won over Crusaders?
  41. Social media and children’s education.
  42. Business and corporate social responsibility
  43. What contributions does a company make to stakeholders’ wellbeing?
  44. Impossible or I am possible?
  45. Describe the philosophy of your life.
  46. The causes of the French Revolution
  47. The importance of adults literacy
  48. Should the education system be changed?
  49. What is the role of schools in community development?
  50. Higher education and one’s career.
  51. Should athletes be given scholarships?
  52. Being smart and being educated: Any difference?
  53. Subjects need to be excluded from the college syllabus.
  54. Public vs. private school
  55. Explain first memory of your life
  56. Explain how you manage your sports team?
  57. The brightest remembrance of your life?
  58. The subject you enjoy studying.
  59. Put a light on your future plans.
  60. Describe your favorite book
  61. Describe your favorite person/personality.
  62. What changes do you want in today’s educational system?
  63. Communication and Internet: Incredible changes?
  64. Describe your personal financial plan
  65. Alcohol and Depression: the link.

That was indeed a long list of topics. If you still need more topics, hire a write my paper service and ask them to choose interesting topics for your essays.

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