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Thinking about doing that assignment which requires an argumentative essay? The teacher has given you a choice of your own topic but an essay writer is unsure what would be the best choice for best grades. Well, the field is open so why not select one of the following fabulous topics and write your heart out

Topics to Choose From

  1. Social Media disconnecting people from real social lives
  2. Are immigrants legally transitioning from one area to the other?
  3. Internet is a cause of all the negative happenings in the modern world
  4. Do aliens exist?
  5. Is there any truth behind the various stereotypes?
  6. Is the Canadian healthcare system better than the United States?
  7. Is the healthcare system biased?
  8. Are insurance companies making too much profit?
  9. Will the future movies totally depend upon CGI?
  10. The tendency of robots to take over humans
  11. Video games and their effects on family life
  12. Does the education system lack practicality?
  13. What made thriller the greatest album of all time?
  14. Do people take traditions too seriously?
  15. Is there any foundation behind superstitious beliefs?
  16. Can nurture overtake the importance of nature?
  17. Will the Coronavirus change the course that nations take?
  18. Role of the death sentence in reducing the crime rate
  19. Are correctional facilities producing the desired results?
  20. Are men and women equally affected by online harassment?
  21. Is cyberbullying equally as bad as other forms?
  22. Is war a solution to the problems between nations?
  23. Are humans too reliant on machines?
  24. Is technology a source of distraction in an office setting
  25. The reasons for the increasing number of school dropouts.
  26. Is knowledge as rewarding as it seems?
  27. Use of technology as a means of teaching
  28. Do test results matter?
  29. Can graffiti be called an art form?
  30. Why doesn’t Batman kill the Joker?
  31. At what point did Captain America become worthy?
  32. Is Mortal Kombat the most violent game ever?
  33. Do people really follow PG ratings?
  34. Why does the use of the dark web exist?
  35. Is it fair for people to give out their information to social media?
  36. Do social media companies possess the right to use customer information for their own benefits?
  37. Android or IOS? Which is better and why?
  38. Should obesity be termed as a disease?
  39. Are fast food companies complying with regulations and standards?
  40. Marketing campaigns are playing with your mind?
  41. Does marketing hold any truth or is all information sugar-coated?
  42. Are antismoking campaigns enough to sideline it?
  43. Should the government take note of food ingredients in processed foods?
  44. Do people listen to the advice in the modern world?
  45. A man is known by the company he keeps
  46. The ethical implications of cloning
  47. Can good behavior mold other people?
  48. Should juvenile crimes be punished severely?
  49. Are poor people struggling to get their rights?
  50. Are rich people taking all the benefits?
  51. Does dating really hold any value in the relationship?
  52. Is there an age limit to do certain things?
  53. Are torrents killing the value of cinemas and theaters?
  54. Should college athletes receive wages?
  55. Is reality TV promoting misconceptions?
  56. Is technology brainwashing us?
  57. Do the remarks of critics really hold any worth?
  58. Policies about workplace harassment and its implementation
  59. Can racism ever be ruled out from society?
  60. Is a diverse workforce a positive step ahead?
  61. Does gender matter in the present century?
  62. Do men face equal pressure as women?
  63. What are the qualities of a good advertisement?

There is so much to choose from and you could easily craft something of your own from within this. If you still find it troublesome to find argumentative or expository essay topics, you could just contact a professional essay writing service. They would help you decide your topic and make sure you get good grades on the next assignment.

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