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Apart from all the course work students in colleges learn a lot about how to conduct effective research. Have you ever wondered why college students are motivated to write a multitude of research papers and essays? If yes, then let me solve this ambiguity for you. Students at the end of their degree are required to write a thesis that is an accumulation of what they have learned throughout their college years and how effective are their writing and research conducting skills.

I know many students start to panic as the time to write a thesis approaches because they fear attaining lower grades. Although, a significant amount of your marks are indeed allocated to your thesis but panicking itself helps you nail the art of writing an effective thesis. Therefore, it is imperative that you stay calm and plan before you start writing your thesis.

Remember! Time management is the key to writing an effective thesis. Therefore, the process of thesis writing according to the given deadline. Once you are done planning it is time to look for thesis topics so that you can move on to the next step that is gathering data and creating an outline.

Finding a topic for a thesis is hard. It is like finding a unicorn in a forest of pricks. However, if you narrow down your area of interest then it will be easy for you to pick a topic.

Tip: Select a topic that you have sufficient background information about so that you won’t have to struggle in handling the technical aspects of the topic.

If you are looking for some topic ideas that are up-to-date and interesting for your thesis, then you are in the right place. I have shortlisted a few topics from which you can pick the one that you think is easy to comprehend and as per your professor’s instruction. Let’s dive into the list of topics or you can ask others to write my essay.


  1. Controversies associated with the death of lady Diana
  2. Hitler’s propaganda
  3. The lost city of Atlantis: A mystery or merely a myth?
  4. Child emperors of Rome
  5. The rise of Hollywood: a historical context
  6. What is the historical context behind the creation of Guernica?
  7. Impact of technological inventions in world war II
  8. History of warfare and its impact in modern era warfare
  9. Economic recession: causes and consequences
  10. Russia and American cold war

Law and crime

  1. How to combat the issue of juvenile delinquency?
  2. Effectiveness of copyrights law in the US
  3. Impact of immigration policy the education
  4. The essence of crime for the sake of the welfare
  5. Critically analyze the law of omissions liability
  6. Serial killers
  7. Difference between a murder and a homicide
  8. Gun control: an effective way to deter crime
  9. Police brutality and the general approach towards justice
  10. Sex crimes and the role of humanitarian organizations

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  1. Implementation of inclusive education in the US
  2. Online classes vs traditional classes
  3. Digital divide and its impact on education
  4. Integration of technology in the field of education
  5. Impact of academic performance on the mental health of teens
  6. Informal learning through social networks in rural areas
  7. Why do more boys take STEM subjects than girls?
  8. Sex education should be made compulsory in high schools
  9. Using educational games to teach children
  10. Should educational movies be made a part of the curriculum?


  1. Globalization and its impact on business strategies
  2. Global leaders
  3. Analyze the macroeconomic elements influencing rates of exchange.
  4. Impact of advertisements on consumer behavior
  5. Analyze the role of social intellectual capital in the growing markets
  6. Consumer behavior and its impact on the evolution of markets
  7. The impact of FDI on the economy of periphery countries
  8. Labor regulations to combat the issue of unemployment
  9. Analysis of regional divergence in European countries
  10. Managerial strategies to handle corporate firms


  1. Designing a kinetic planar surface
  2. Rural transport
  3. Designing space for performing arts
  4. Building a community development center
  5. The housing model of the 21st century
  6. Designing train stations
  7. A critical analysis of sustainable architecture
  8. Bio-inspired design
  9. Building a skyscraper
  10. A prototype of prefabricated housing


  1. Burnouts at work and their impact on the health of an individual
  2. Can drug addiction be treated with therapies?
  3. Impact of irrational beliefs on the emotional well-being of a person
  4. Impact of rational thinking in the decision-making process
  5. How does an MRI determine the functionality of a brain?
  6. How does the prefrontal cortex make us humans?
  7. Schizophrenia
  8. Phobias
  9. Analyze Piaget’s theory of cognitive development
  10. Impact of discounts on consumer behavior

General topics

  1. The ethics and effect of euthanasia.
  2. Is homeopathy better than allopathy to treat diseases
  3. The influence of tutoring on the self-esteem of students.
  4. Impact of taking art subjects on the students' well-being
  5. Effectiveness of digital marketing over traditional marketing
  6. Collectivism Vs individualism
  7. Online shopping application and its association with impulsive buying

Did the above list of topics make you overwhelmed? I know that the pressure of writing a thesis is huge and in that pressure finding a topic isn’t that easy. However, the above categories can help you out to narrow down a few topics. After selecting a topic, you are now required to analyze it a bit and then look for the data.

Remember! Pick the topic that interests you the most and you can easily find relevant data.

If you are struggling with the thesis write-up and haven’t even picked the topic, then it is better to hire a professional essay writer via an essay writing service so that you can also submit your work on time without any grammatical and punctuation errors.

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