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For school and college students, good writing skills are imperative to get better grades. Some students can write well, but for many, it is challenging to come up with something good and worthwhile.

Various skills are involved in the writing process. Besides, essay writing is something that needs time and effort because you have to follow a specific structure while approaching an essay. Writing generally requires several skills. In particular, there are 6 basic writing skills that you must have to improve your essay grades.

1) Reading Comprehension

If you are not able to read and comprehend a piece of writing, you cannot write well and come up with a good essay. Thus, it is a basic and vital skill for good writing. You can only produce something if you have thoroughly comprehended it, otherwise, it is virtually impossible to write well.

2) Sentence Construction

In order to write well, students must know sentence construction well. They should know how to write a sentence that makes sense. They should know how to place verbs in a sentence and how tenses work. They should not use too basic a sentence as well as those sentences that involve a complex web of ideas. Usually, one idea that is clearly explained in a sentence with normal length is what students need to do. Moreover, correct punctuation should be understood and used. Sentence construction is what students usually find difficult to do. You should also ask someone to write my essay if you need professional writing help.

3) Transcription

An act of producing words is called transcription. It covers spelling, handwriting, or typing. Some students can write well but their spellings are wrong, some write very slow, some have illegible and messy handwriting. Thus, to improve their grades, students should be able to write in legible handwriting with correct spellings or if they are typing they should know the spellings well along with good sentence construction.

4) Content and Genre Knowledge

Having know-how of a subject about which one is going to write is content knowledge. For instance, before writing anything about pollution, it is necessary to have an understanding of the meaning of pollution, what are its causes or impacts for that matter. Whereas, knowing the usage of different types of writing is considered genre knowledge. For instance, writing a story requires that you should write about the setting, plot, climax, etc, and writing a persuasive essay means to take one position in an argument and furnish evidence and facts to support your claim so as to convince the reader of your opinion.

5) Planning, Revising, Editing

Writing is a whole process. It cannot be disorderly; rather you should plan, revise, and edit your pieces of writing to express yourself properly as well as to get good grades. Good writers plan beforehand as to what they are going to write, which gives their work a proper flow and meaning. Students should know how to organize and structure their overall writing which requires planning, revising, and editing your works after you are done writing the first manuscript. A professional essay writer will always plan, revise, and edit her essay before submitting it.

6) Self Regulation

Self-regulation plays a vital role in writing well. It means checking yourself to complete your work in the assigned word count and not exceeding it in any way. Trying to be precise and terse in your write-ups. And do not use such sentences that do not make sense and or are out of context. This is an important skill student need to inculcate in them if they want to get good grades.

As a student, I had difficulty writing good essays, because I was probably short on all these skills needed to write well. Initially, I used to ask my elders to write my paper for me since I could barely pass with my write-ups. But I kept practicing hard, while learning the skills from my elders, friends, and instructors, I was able to come up with good pieces of writing.

Therefore, students should have these 6 skills required to write well and this post will help you a lot in having a general overview of all of them.

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