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Are you not familiar with the MLA format for formatting your essay and do not know what kind of mistakes can annoy your professor? Yes! Don't worry. This article will help you in finding those major mistakes that your professor resents the most. Luckily, you can avoid these mistakes by working with a professional essay writer.

Students tend to commit some major mistakes while writing their papers in MLA format that results in unimpressive grades by their professors. Therefore, they should learn about such grave mistakes to earn high scores.

MLA style is adopted by the Modern Language Association for academic writing, papers, journals, and articles. This format helps the authors in organizing their content and systematically sorting the information. MLA formatting for essay writing service also provides an opportunity for the writer to give credit to the sources that have been used in the paper. Besides, it is easy among other formatting styles and helps the reader navigate through the paper without any difficulty.

Generally, students commit mistakes in the wrong formatting of the title page, in-text citations, and work cited page or in headings. In MLA format, the title page is designed differently from other formats as the titles come in the left upper corner of the page in this format. Students provide their name, name of their instructor, course IDs, and date.

The title of the topic comes in the center of the page and is followed by the text of the paper. Unlike any other format, in MLA style, the text of the document does not start from the next page. A paper writing service knows it perfectly and is careful when working on it.

Following are six common mistakes that students commit while formatting their paper in MLA.

1- Wrong title page

In MLA format, the title page contains a lot of activity and is different from others. For instance, titles such as student name, name of the professor, course ID, and date come in the left upper corner of the page, and the topic title comes in the center-right after the credentials of the student and course. Besides, the title page also contains a header with the second name of the writer and a page number. It comes in the right corner of the page header.

Therefore, students often fail to follow this format and commit mistakes on the title page. Another striking difference between MLA and other formats is that the text of the paper starts right after the title of the topic on the title page. Mostly, students jump to the next page and start writing. This is a very serious mistake and costs you a substantial cut in grades.

2- Wrong formatting of the header

As mentioned above, students often do the wrong formatting of the header in the MLA style. The header in MLA style contains the last name of the student and a page number in the right corner. Sometimes, students fail to provide this information or use it incorrectly. This can annoy their professor.

3- Wrong in-text citation

In-text citation in MLA format is also different from other formats therefore, students should avoid mistakes in it. It is observed that students fail to provide the page number of any direct quote used from an outside source or give the year of the publican in an in-text citation that is wrong. When using a direct quote from a source, the writer is required to provide the page number of that quote and should not include the year of publication in the in-text citation.

4- Wrong organization

Most of the time, students do not organize their pager according to MLA format, this can also lead them to a cut in their grades.

5- Wrong font size

The use of the wrong font size of the text is also among the common mistakes that students often commit while formatting their documents in MLA format.

6- Wrong reference list

Another common mistake of the students in MLA format is the wrong reference list. First, write 'Works Cited' in the left corner of the page and then list your references according to MLA format and avoid any mistakes to get high scores.

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