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Looking at the blank screen of your laptop and trying to come up with a catchy hook to start an essay is the struggle that we all have been through and believe me, it is frustrating. Often despite working days and night on an essay, many students end up receiving lower grades that add more frustration and make them refrain from writing an essay.

However, since essay writing is a part of today’s academics many students after being assigned a task to write an essay have started to panic and wondered if there is someone out there who can write my essay so that I won’t have to worry about my grades. But wait, in reality, no one can help you until you help yourself.

If you wanna know why you always get lower grades, then I am here to help you out. Below I have pointed out six very common mistakes that an essay writer makes while writing an essay that can cost them their grades.

1. Not understanding the prompt

Usually, when professors assign you a task to write an essay they share with you a list of instructions that you must follow. However, students just read the topic and kick start their writing process which is a big no.

You need to read the prompt to understand the essay type that whether is argumentative or expository or descriptive then you need to understand all the formatting requirements and references required to write an effective essay. Therefore, it is imperative to read the prompt again and again to understand the topic.

2. Choosing the wrong topic

When professors want you to write an essay on a topic of your choice then it means that they are giving you leverage to demonstrate your creativity. However, usually, in an attempt to impress their professors, pick a topic that is too difficult or comprehend or they have no background information about. This way when they start the writing process they are unable to research since they aren’t able to understand the technical aspects of the topic.

It is recommended to pick a topic that interests you the most and that is easier to comprehend so that you won’t end up getting bored and frustrated. If you need help in selecting a good topic, consult a paper writing service to choose it for you.

3. Weak thesis statement

A building can’t stand tall without strong pillars. Similarly, if your thesis statement is vague or weak you won’t impress the readers. It is important that your thesis statement must be clear and concise and should tell the readers what you will be explaining in your essay.

If your essay is argumentative then state, the side of the topic you will be in the favor of along with the reason. If your essay is expository then tell the reader what idea, you’ll be discussing in your essay. Moreover, if your essay is narrative let your readers know why you have selected a specific incident or memory to share.

If you are struggling to come up with an effective thesis statement, then I have another solution for you. Try taking help from an authentic essay writing service and let their professional writers help you craft a perfect thesis statement. They can also craft an essay if you are in crunch time. Isn’t that amazing? Of course, it is. So try it.

4. Neglecting grammatical and punctuation errors

Typically, students rely on online grammar checker tools and end up with an essay that is full of errors. It is necessary that first, you understand all the grammatical rules and punctuations and then write an essay.

Remember! After writing an essay read it thoroughly and carefully and correct the errors to avoid deductions in the marks.

5. Adding fluff

To fulfill word count requirement students tend to add fluff which is a big no. Remember! nobody wants to read irrelevant content since it makes them frustrated and wastes their time. Therefore, you must do proper research and gather data so that you won’t have to worry about the fluff.

Tip: Create an outline first and then start working according to that. This way you can divide the word count and allocate it to each part of the essay.

6. Plagiarism

It is a serious offense that can not only cost you grades but can increase your chances of getting expelled from the institute as well. Therefore, if you are using the content or even an idea from primary or secondary sources, make sure that you give proper credits to the authors of the sources to avoid plagiarism.

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