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Let’s just be honest essay writing online is a daunting task that requires a lot of time and effort but what’s more frustrating about essay writing is finding a topic. Yes, you heard me right. Finding a topic for an essay is like finding a needle from a haystack. Not only you have to pick a topic that is up-to-date but also the one that you have sufficient background information and is easier to comprehend.

Are you struggling to look for a topic to write a persuasive essay? If yes, then let me tell you something. Persuasive essays are more like argumentative essays but in a lighter tone. However, persuading someone isn’t easy therefore, while choosing a topic to write a persuasive essay you have to be extra cautious. Keep in mind all the ethical and moral considerations and then with the help of primary and secondary sources should be used to persuade the reader.

If you want topic suggestions, then I have got you covered. Below is a list of persuasive essay topics from which an essay writer can pick the one that interests him the most and then kick start the writing process since you don’t wanna miss the deadline. Moreover, you can always ask others to write my paper for me.

  1. The need to wear uniforms in school
  2. Are pit bulls a vicious dog breed?
  3. Should factory farming be banned
  4. Why do cats make a perfect pet?
  5. Why dogs made a perfect pet
  6. Adopting street animals as a pet is a great choice
  7. Dangers of texting while driving
  8. Why is driving a sports car dangerous?
  9. The driving test should be free
  10. Is sharing roads with bikes justified?
  11. Advertisements are playing with the mind of people
  12. Advertising standards should be raised
  13. Why do extroverts make good leaders?
  14. Why do introverts make good leaders?
  15. Flag burning as a form of protest must be banned
  16. Prayers in schools should not be mandatory
  17. Why should alcohol be illegal?
  18. People should eat less junk food
  19. Money can’t buy love or happiness
  20. Recycling should be encouraged
  21. Fast food chains must be banned
  22. Abortion should be legalized
  23. Abortion shouldn’t be legalized
  24. Homelessness is caused by poverty
  25. Marijuana should be legalized
  26. Marijuana should be banned
  27. Selling of alcohol at public places must be banned
  28. Free trade agreements foster a country’s economy
  29. Minimum wages should be increased
  30. Hiring cheaper foreign employees can hinder a country’s economic growth
  31. Oil companies are to blame for increasing energy prices.
  32. The trade deficit with China is dangerous
  33. College education should be free
  34. Immigrants children should be given the right to attain free education
  35. Sex education must be made compulsory
  36. Cell Phones must not be allowed in classrooms
  37. Online classes are hindering student’s creativity
  38. Why should hydraulic fracturing be banned?
  39. The usage of plastic should be banned.
  40. How pollution is negatively impacting the community?
  41. Air pollution is the cause of lungs cancer
  42. Hybrid cars are best for the environment
  43. Female genital mutilation should be stopped
  44. Wearing fur is unethical
  45. Products made from animal furs must be banned
  46. Hunting must be banned
  47. Animal testing must be banned
  48. Is it ethically wrong to eat meat?
  49. Are people ethically obliged to help poor people
  50. Assisted suicide is ethically wrong
  51. Capital punishments must be banned
  52. Is it appropriate for children to watch a horror movie?
  53. Fairy tales are good for children
  54. Teenagers shouldn’t be allowed to buy violent video games
  55. Social media is the reason for an increase in teens suicide rates
  56. Social media is causing body imaging issues
  57. Social media is causing depression
  58. Why should parents not hit their children?
  59. Jewelry: The less is more
  60. Eco-fashion fabrics wardrobe is the new fashion trend

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