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It is the dream of every student to become a center of attention by submitting an essay that is worth reading. But unfortunately, not everyone is blessed with exceptional writing skills. Don’t be sad, you can also nail the art of essay writing if you practice more.

One way to practice essay writing is to write an essay on different essay topics. If you are in school, chances are your teachers may give you the assignment to write a compare and contrast essay. So all you need to do is skim through a multitude of compare and contrast essay topics and find the one that interests a custom essay writer the most and then kick start the writing process.

But wait; is finding a topic that simple? Of course not. To pick a topic in order to write an essay you must have background information about the topic so that it is easy to comprehend. Make sure that you pick a topic that is up-to-date and you can find plenty of primary and secondary sources so that you can use them to support your claim.

If you are still unable to pick a topic, then don’t worry I am here to help. Below is a list of more than 58 compare and contrast essay topics especially for grade 9 students, from which you can choose the one and start practicing essay writing. However, if you are confused, you are always ask others to write my essay online.

  1. Sugar and salt
  2. Fiction and non-fiction movies
  3. Anorexia and obesity
  4. Obesity Vs Overweight
  5. Online education vs traditional education
  6. Revolution and evolution
  7. Gasoline vs biodiesel
  8. Atomic bomb vs nuclear bomb
  9. Volcanoes and earthquakes
  10. Handwriting vs typing
  11. Traditional books Vs E-books
  12. Paper bags vs plastic bags
  13. Facebook and Twitter
  14. Reality TV shows and YouTube videos
  15. Vampires Vs Draculas’
  16. Rap Vs Hip-Hop music
  17. White sugar Vs Brown sugar
  18. World war I and World war II
  19. Star Trek and Star Wars
  20. The Cold war and trade war
  21. Coffee and energy drinks
  22. Android vs IOS
  23. Apple vs Samsung
  24. Toddlers and teenagers
  25. Windows and Linux
  26. Volleyball Vs basketball
  27. Spring season Vs Fall season
  28. Renewable energy Vs non-renewable energy
  29. Cash Vs credit cards
  30. Comedy vs drama
  31. Coke vs Pepsi
  32. Dogs Vs cats
  33. Democracy Vs dictatorship
  34. Astrology Vs Astronomy
  35. Soccer Vs Football
  36. Gandalf Vs Dumbledore
  37. Harry Potter Vs the Twilight
  38. Squids vs Octopus
  39. Mammals vs Reptiles
  40. Mammals Vs amphibians
  41. Bats Vs Birds
  42. Oven Vs microwave
  43. Renting vs Owning
  44. Crocodiles Vs Alligators
  45. Airplanes Vs Helicopters
  46. Email Vs letters
  47. Frog Vs toads
  48. High School Vs college
  49. Church VS Mosques
  50. Christianity Vs Judaism
  51. Lollipops Vs popsicles
  52. Offense Vs Defense
  53. Werewolves Vs vampires
  54. Lions vs tigers
  55. Summer vs winter
  56. Landfill Vs Recycling
  57. Motorcycles vs bicycles
  58. Antique Vs New
  59. Magazines Vs comic books
  60. Movies Vs books

After skimming through the above list if you have selected a topic then start doing research and kick start your writing process. Remember! time is money so make sure to use it wisely and complete your essay on time.

It is hard when you have to manage multiple deadlines and then write an essay as well. But if you look at essay writing from another perspective you will see it as an opportunity to shine bright and make your name in your professor’s favorites.

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