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Essay writing is indeed a daunting task that follows extensive research and is, therefore, time-consuming as well. Especially, if you are in high school then you must be bombarded with multiple essay writing assignments where you are required to write an essay on a specific topic assigned by the teacher.

Writing is an art and requires creativity. Thus it is difficult when your mind is full of exciting ideas, yet you are not given a chance to express them and have to write as per the instructions.

But what if your professor tells you to write an essay on a topic of your choice? Wouldn’t that be amazing? In that case if you are unsure which topic is the most suitable to write an essay, then I’m here to help you out.

Below is a list of 50 unique essay topics for different essay types from which an essay writer can choose the one that he is familiar with and finds more interesting. So without any further waiting, let’s get started.

Argumentative topics

  1. Should marijuana be legalized?
  2. Is music a form of art?
  3. Do animals mourn?
  4. Abortion: pro-choice or pro-life?
  5. Fathers should be given paternity leaves
  6. Should students evaluate teachers?
  7. Is cheerleading a sport?
  8. Surveillance cameras a threat to privacy
  9. Persuasive topics

  10. Hunting is ethically wrong
  11. Animal testing should be banned
  12. Cell phones should not be allowed in high schools
  13. Gambling should be banned
  14. Sex- education should be made compulsory
  15. Violence against women must be stopped
  16. Gym classes should be made obligatory in universities
  17. Narrative topics

  18. My first day at work
  19. A day that I can never forget
  20. A week without using internet
  21. My summer vacation
  22. A trip to the museum
  23. A day at a day-care center
  24. Rainy day activities
  25. Expository topics

  26. Why do teens' suicide rates are high?
  27. Impact of music on youth
  28. How drugs impact teens development
  29. Is global warming the cause of fluctuating temperature
  30. Different between being overweight and being obese
  31. Lack of exercise is making people obese
  32. Role of sports in the physical development of children
  33. Compare and contrast topics

  34. SAT vs TOEFL
  35. Traditional schooling vs homeschooling
  36. Online stores vs traditional stores
  37. Getting married at a young age vs old age
  38. Donald Trump vs Barack Obama
  39. Fashion today vs fashion a decade ago
  40. Pop vs classical music
  41. Cause and effect topics

  42. Causes of global warming on climate
  43. Impact of depression on children
  44. Effects of divorce on children.
  45. Sibling rivalry: causes and impacts
  46. Overeating cause obesity
  47. Technology: distraction or leverage
  48. Rape victims and depression
  49. Descriptive topics

  50. Smartphones benefits and pitfalls
  51. What life will be in the year 2060?
  52. My first field trip
  53. Describe meeting a celebrity
  54. A trip to the circus
  55. Riding a roller coaster for the first time
  56. Attending a live concert

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