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If you want to write an essay assignment you can do it by different means. However, you should be certain about the topic and areas to cover – it is the only way to write it eloquently. Your choice of an essay may vary depending upon its type and requirements.

Sometimes it is slightly difficult to write a compare and contrast essay due to its specific format. An essay writer needs to follow a certain set of rules while writing this type of essay; otherwise, the end product will not turn out as good. The main focus is the comparison between two points or subject matters to find out the similarities and differences.

Writing a good essay when you have a busy schedule can sometimes be a tricky task. I also came across the same problem when I started to write my essay for me in college. But you don’t have to go through that experience as professional writing services are available. It would help you greatly in crafting an excellent essay or they can merely give you a suggestion. An essay written by a professional writer ensures good grades in schools and colleges. It is one of the reasons that students prefer to hire such writers instead of writing the essay themselves. Contacting such a professional and academic essay writer is very easy as well.

At times like these, I often found myself frustrated and thinking who’d write my paper and get me through this difficult time. Luckily, I managed to get out of my predicament with some help. A professional writer would make sure to identify and list the similarities after comparison. It can vary depending upon the scope, nature, magnitude, and nature of the topic. The basis of comparison is similarities - that is all about highlighting and understanding the common points of two topics or subject matters. If you want to write a compare and contrast essay, then you should consider the following areas.

  1. Similarities between Saturn and Jupiter
  2. Anatomy vs. Physics
  3. Nuclear energy vs. fossils
  4. The correlation between science and information technology
  5. Moon and sun: A comparative analysis
  6. Hurricanes and tornadoes: why they differ
  7. Alikeness between Angelina Jolie and Mother Teresa
  8. The theoretical understanding between Thomas Hobbes and John Locke
  9. Raphael vs. Leonardo da Vinci
  10. Similarities and differences between Adolph Hitler and Joseph Stalin
  11. Reality and legends in Roman mythology
  12. Compare and contrast between communism and liberalism
  13. Karl Marx against Friedrich Hegel
  14. Christianity vs. Judaism
  15. Customs vs. Traditions in the Catholic Church
  16. Religious states vs. Secular states
  17. Sexual and ethnic minorities
  18. Compare and contrast LSD and Marijuana
  19. Differences between Chinese and Japanese population
  20. A good teacher vs. a professional one
  21. Helicopter parenting vs. full freedom
  22. Male friendship vs. female one
  23. Fast food vs. healthy meals
  24. Compare and contrast between SAT and IELTS
  25. Poor living vs. the luxury way of life
  26. Philosophical views about life after death
  27. Living in a dream vs. living in a reality
  28. Mental, psychological, and physical needs of a human being
  29. Fantasy and reality world: Similarities and differences
  30. A good companion: Dogs vs. Human
  31. Compare and contrast Roman vs. Greek philosophies
  32. Two sides of a single coin: Marriage and Divorce
  33. Ideas of Capitalism and Marxism
  34. Obesity vs. Anorexia Nervosa
  35. Microwave vs. Oven
  36. The closest: Milky Way and Andromeda galaxies
  37. Earth vs. Mars: Two parallel realities
  38. Lessons learned from beauty and the beast
  39. Harry Potter and Lord of the Rings: A fiction close to reality
  40. Compare and contrast between Rock and Jazz music
  41. American and USSR Cinematography
  42. Traditional Mailing vs. Email: Similarities and differences
  43. Traditional Writing Services vs. Online Essay Writing Services
  44. Campus life vs. domestic life
  45. Freelance writer vs. working in an office
  46. World War I vs. World War II
  47. Spanish Flu vs. World War I
  48. Fascism vs. Nazism
  49. Full-time jobs vs. part-time jobs
  50. Merits and demerits of global free trade

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