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Ah! Another reflective essay assignment? Typically, when students are assigned a task to write a reflective essay they often procrastinate. It is because they are under the impression that a reflective essay is merely a piece of writing that requires an individual to write about personal experience. However, the reality is different. A reflective essay aims to determine, observe, and describe the progress of an individual’s experience.

Whoa! That was too difficult to comprehend, but believe me, with practice you can nail the art of writing an essay. Below are 50+ reflective essay topics that I have shortlisted for an essay writer from which he can select the one that interests him the most. So without further delaying let’s begin.

Topics about places

  1. My first school field trip
  2. A trip to a haunted house
  3. A visit to a theme park
  4. A place that I never wanted to visit again
  5. My first hiking experience.
  6. My favorite shopping mall
  7. My favorite restaurant
  8. A concert that you attended
  9. A trip to abroad
  10. A vacation location that I enjoyed the most
  11. Topics about daily life

  12. Watching a horror movie
  13. My first car driving experience
  14. The first day at a job
  15. The first day at college
  16. The day I bought my first pet
  17. My favorite TV series
  18. The things that motivate me
  19. A teacher who inspired me to take STEM subjects
  20. Why do I want to become an engineer?
  21. A normal day at a gym
  22. Reflective questions topics

  23. How has education changed your life?
  24. Which movie left you speechless?
  25. Which TV series character left you impressed in life?
  26. Explain the day you felt proud of yourself?
  27. Explain the day of your graduation?
  28. How was your first church service experience?
  29. What was the most unexpected gift you received?
  30. Describe the day when you skip school?
  31. Describe the time when you experienced an earthquake?
  32. Describe the time when you experienced robbery?
  33. Topics on relationships

  34. A contradictory conversation that made me frustrated
  35. The birth of a sibling
  36. The adoption of a sibling
  37. How I met my best friend?
  38. Charity event in the neighborhood that I attended
  39. A big reunion with my family at thanksgiving
  40. An argument with your boss
  41. Watching a family member on a deathbed
  42. The last time I got punished by my parents
  43. The time when I was caught lying
  44. General topics

  45. A life-changing experience
  46. Food that reminds me of my hometown
  47. The best gift I have ever received
  48. An interesting outdoor activity
  49. A memorable place you visited
  50. Eating Italian cuisine for the first time
  51. My first impression of sushi.
  52. The decision that I made under pressure
  53. A surprise party at the neighborhood
  54. Weekly church service
  55. The day I can never forget
  56. Attending a funeral
  57. Attending a seminar on science and technology

Phew! Skimming through that list was tiring but I hope that your hard work pays off and you may select that interests you the most and is as per your professor’s instructions.

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