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For college students, writing good and impressive essays is a sure way to get good grades. While some students can write well enough, many students find it challenging to come up with a good essay. It is not uncommon to find sentence structure errors in essays written by college students. One of the most commonly found errors is in the construction of sentences i.e their sentence structure is usually flawed. If you face any difficulty, ask someone to write my essay for me.

There are many sentence structure errors found in essay writing. Sentence structure means how you put together different parts of a sentence in a specific structure that makes proper sense. It also involves the correct usage of punctuations and the right order of words. Students commit a lot of mistakes in organizing sentences while writing essays. These errors must be avoided at any cost so as to make your writing impressive as well as getting good grades.

If you pick up an essay written by a professional essay writer, you will find that there are virtually no mistakes in sentence structures. You need to learn these skills so as to write good essays in your colleges and get good grades. Below are some sentence structure errors that you would want to avoid while writing essays.

1) Sentence Fragments

This is a common mistake student make. A sentence fragment would be an incomplete sentence. It is because of two main reasons.

  • A subject or verb is missing in the sentence.
  • The meaning of the sentence is incomplete (dependent clause).

2) Comma Splice

Students make this mistake when they do not want to write short sentences and instead join them. ‘Splice’ means joining two distinct parts. So it occurs when two otherwise complete sentences are joined by a comma.

For example:

  • Wrong: Voters were intimidated, the election process halted.
  • Correct: Voters were intimidated. The election process halted.

3) Run-on Sentences

This error is closely related to the comma splice error. It occurs when the fusion of two complete sentences occurs without a comma being inserted (its insertion would make a comma splice error). Adding a full stop would rectify the mistake, not unlike the comma splice error.

For example:

  • Wrong: The patient was treated poorly and he died.
  • Correct: The patient was treated poorly. He died.

4) Parallel Structure

This error occurs when a similar form for equal ideas is repeated in a sentence. It is intended to give a grammatically balanced look to a sentence. In the example given below, the wrong sentence has an unbalanced parallel structure unlike the correct one.

  • Wrong: People like the moon, the sun, the sea.
  • Correct: People like the moon, the sun, the sea.

5) Misplaced Modifiers

Modifiers enhance a sentence's clarity as they are the descriptions placed near the subject they describe. The mistake occurs when Verbals (-ed, -ing) act as modifiers because confusion arises about what is being described, hence errors. To correct them, the logical sequence of the sentence is looked at to rework the sentence.

For example:

  • Wrong: Wilson saw the Versailles Palace walking down the alleyway.
  • Correct: Walking down the alleyway, Wilson saw the Versailles Palace.

Sentence structure does not only mean that you write a grammatically correct essay, it also requires that your essay should be in proper style and flow. If you ever come across an essay written by the online essay writing service ‘write a paper for me,’ you will observe how they construct their sentences that are free of any errors be it punctuation mistakes, sentence fragments, comma splice, etc. You should try to write in that format and flow.

These were some of the common sentence structure mistakes that you need to avoid in your essay. This post would have been helpful in giving you an overview of some common sentence structure errors that you should try not to commit while writing an essay. You can also take help from the paper writing service writers.

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