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Essay writing is pretty much common in all the disciplines and courses for the assignments and quizzes. When in school or college, you will be asked to write five or three paragraphs for most of the essay assignments. The most common mistake is that students forget to follow the simple tips for composing a five-paragraph essay.

Here are some tips you can follow easily that will provide you essay help to compose an effective A-Grade worthy five-paragraph essay without much hustle.

Build an Outline

The foremost thing to do is make an outline, no matter what topic of the essay it is. The essay will contain an introductory paragraph, three body paragraphs, and then a conclusion. You must build the essay in this order. Divide the word count for each part. Use this outline to then conduct the research.

Effective Introduction

The introduction is the first part of the essay so it must be interesting enough that the reader wishes to read the rest. Start the essay with a hook to catch the attention of the reader. Introduce your topic of the essay in a concise way but in easier words so that anyone reading this essay can understand the topic. Next state your arguments in only three sentences without including many details. Also, include the thesis statement as the last line of this paragraph. If you find it difficult to write a paper, ask others to write essay for me at affordable rates.

Compose Cohesive Body Paragraphs

It is appreciated that all the body paragraphs are built around different arguments. But make sure they still appear linked. For the body paragraphs, you must follow a specific order. The first body paragraph must contain the most strong argument. In the second body paragraph, include another argument but reserve another strong argument for the third body paragraph. If you are to include a counter-argument in the essay, then use the third body paragraph for it.

Convincing Conclusion

The last part of the essay is the conclusion where all the main points are repeated. Most students make the mistake of just copying the main ideas into a conclusion, which is not a good approach. Instead, use the conclusion to reflect on the rest of the essay. Start with restating the thesis but with authority. In addition to this, revise all the three arguments presented in the body paragraphs. Draw the conclusion from each in the same order as they were discussed in the essay. If you have a short deadline for the essay and are unable to work on it, you may get help from an urgent write my paper service for a quality essay within the short deadline. This will solve your problem as well as get you an A-Grade.

Proofread it

Never ever submit your essay without proofreading! Even if your essay is perfect, the grammatical or punctuation mistakes will ruin it for the reader. You can run the essay through an error-checking software or simply get it proofread by an essay writer for almost no cost. Or you can simply read it aloud to see if there are any mistakes. Correct your mistakes and there you have a perfect essay ready!

Cite the sources

It is very important that you use the sources from your research to back up your arguments. Include the in-text citations as well as the references/bibliography at the end of the essay. In this way, your essay will be safe from plagiarism and supported by strong evidence. If the number of sources is not stated, it is better to use at least 5 sources for the essay. Do not cite the sources in the conclusion paragraph.

All these tips are effective for all types of essays. Use them in order to compose an effective essay and score an A-Grade! Or just pay for essay to get it done now.

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