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It is necessary to be aware of the details of a prompt to write an interesting essay. Nowadays, you all are highly mindful of your opinions and never lose a chance to support their claims. But when it comes to writing, you start thinking if someone can write my paper for me with all the necessary views and rationales. There are hundreds of prompts that have strong viewpoints in their favor or opposition. The strength and spirit of a prompt are necessary for you to consider while writing an efficient and thought-provoking essay.

Here are 5 interesting and dynamic ideas for you to write your next amazing essay. Below each idea, there would be prompts to trigger your thinking process.

  1. 1. Religion

    Undoubtedly, religion is a wide field. There are many topics revolving around religion from which students can choose something to write. Basically, use various approaches in essay writing online, so students can come up with their own definitional essays on religion. Varied definitions of religion along with their supporting details can always substantiate the contents of any kind of essay.

    Prompt = What is the fundamental objective of theism?

  2. 2. Lifestyle

    Some interesting prompts about lifestyle are given below. Writing about lifestyle assists students from various ethnic backgrounds to know and learn about different cultures and moral values.

    • How does music influence our way of living and our perceptions of art?
    • If you could eliminate one item of food from this world, what would it be?
    • Here’s a round-up of films which have the common theme of female subjugation and social issues associated with gender inequality.
  3. 3. Science and Technology
    • If I had the power to cure an incurable disease, I would choose. . .
    • Should social media profiles be considered while hiring potential candidates?
    • What are the positive and negative impacts of technology?

Tip: While writing about science and technology, the perspectives of different generations can also be given to creating a dramatic effect.

  1. 4. Environmental Problems

    It is very important and advisable to explore the devastating effects of pollution in the current era and think for solutions to mitigate the risk which is being faced by our planet. The following prompts can be helpful for stimulating your interest in the selection of a great topic.

    • If you had the power to create an android application to solve the environmental problems, what would it be about?
    • What is the most helpful solution to address global warming?
    • Which recent technology should be banned to reduce the adverse effects of ozone layer depletion?
  2. 5. Social Evils

    There are so many social evils in the contemporary era which bring a decline to the living standards and other moral values of humanity. Human behavior consistently displays a tendency towards drifting from the right path. It is the collective duty of all individuals, groups, unions, government, and private organizations to wage a war against social evils. Some evils on which college prompts can be assigned to students are beggary, white-collar crimes, extortion, poverty, addiction, ignorance, and beggary amongst many others.

    • Prompts= what are the major causes behind social evils?
    • What are the cultural issues of beggars?
    • Why is the crime rate higher in illiterate neighborhoods?
    • Why are white-collar crimes thought to be victimless?
    • The link between social disorganization theory and beggary.
    • What is the modern form of kidnapping?

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