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Are you a great debater but an average writer? Do you want to win a debating competition without writing a speech? The solution is simple; make others write your essay for you. Countless paper writing service websites can help you write a brilliant debate with special phrases integrated so you can leave a lasting impression on your audience.

Details of a debate

A debate is very similar to an argumentative or persuasive essay. You have to write down an ordered set of sentences to keep your debate interesting. You must choose a side and make claims that can be backed up easily. Any professional essay writer service would encourage you to include counterarguments in your debate to diminish the opposition stance. Your written document should also include gestures, tone, and pauses.

Format to follow

Unlike a speech, a debate consists of 2 people competing against each other. There are no set format rules but each debater must begin by the introduction of their debate topics. You must keep their content interesting so provide hooks in the form of questions, stats, and analogies. You must begin the important part of the debate with your strongest claim and then provide credible evidence. After you have conveyed your points and the opponent has claimed theirs, you must be ready for audience questions.

5 Strategies to begin your debate

The starting of your debate essay is crucial. Now the question arises: “how to start an essay”. You have to start your debate with a hook. You have to raise their curiosity and make them listen carefully to your stance. Here are five important tips for beginning your debate:

  1. Shocking facts and figures

    Start your debate by stating a fact that is not very well-known but will enhance your claim. Mention the source of your claim too so that the audience doesn't get distracted by searching it on their phones. Make sure the fact is related to your topic as well. An already hooked audience is likely to take your side in your further claims


    Begin your debate with a quote from either a relevant person or a famous one. For example, if your debate is regarding the forceful implementation of school uniforms, you may start with a quote that goes in your favor from a public icon or a person with expertise in student behavior. Try to use the quote as it is without paraphrasing. As soon as you deliver the quote, relate it to your claim and topic. You can also ask someone to write my essay.

  3. Questions

    Engage the audience at the beginning by asking rhetorical questions. These questions will stay in their minds for the whole debate. After asking a question or a set of mini-questions, hint to the audience that the answers are coming. You then provide the answers to these questions in the climax of the debate.

  4. Tell a descriptive story

    Sometimes you can hook your audience without making them curious. You can paint them a story to make them comfortable with your stance. Once the audience is virtually present inside your story, they can back your claims. It is still recommended that you end your story with a shocking point. Describe a regular story and then finish with either a question or a fact that makes the audience want to listen further.

  5. Audience

    You must be aware of the audience while delivering your debate. Talking about the benefits of technology in front of an audience of baby boomers is not wise. Talking about historical events in front of millennials is also a bad idea. Keep your target audience in mind before starting your debate


Begin your debate with an interesting hook. You have to engage the audience from the start to make sure they keep listening to you. Stay relevant and coincidentally explain your stance. The content of your debate must be very strong. You can consult an online essay writing service for this purpose.

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