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An argumentative essay is one in which a writer develops a claim or argument about a specific topic or issue. Argumentative essays have become an important part of academic writing. The arguments made in the essay are not based on emotion. The writers present logical arguments in it. An argumentative essay is aimed at convincing the readers to agree with your opinion.

It is difficult for students and professionals to select the right argumentative essay topics. Writers need to select topics that they have some knowledge about. Never select a topic an essay writer has no interest in.

Good essay writers always go with the most relevant and precise topics. The same should be your approach when reaching out to an essay writing service. Some of the unique topics for an argumentative essay for political science majors are as follows:

  1. Should we have faith in American democracy?
  2. Are American policies heading in the right direction?
  3. Can the hard work of the poor in any country make them well-off?
  4. Is America aware of the fact that it is not in the top position?
  5. Open-minded strategy or rejection, which strategy should be used by the opposition to welcome a president?
  6. What role does the first lady play?
  7. Should voting be made compulsory or not?
  8. Does voting for an independent candidate waste the vote?
  9. How should the Governor of the state spend the budget surplus?
  10. What type of problems should the mayor of a state resolve?
  11. Should more taxes be imposed on rich people?
  12. Privacy or national security, which one is more important?
  13. Should the military interfere in the working of the Government?
  14. How should countries meditate with their enemies?
  15. Should countries be spying on their friends?
  16. What actions should be taken to protect refugees from different problems?
  17. Should all countries participate in the war on terrorism?
  18. Should undocumented immigrants pay their fair share of taxes?
  19. Should the minimum wage be increased?
  20. Do leaders follow morals and ethics?
  21. Should political leaders have absolute power?
  22. How can political leaders help in boosting the economy?
  23. Should media persons be allowed to participate in politics?
  24. Should the minimum age for voting be increased?
  25. What new policies are required to control gun violence?
  26. Should the death penalty be abolished?
  27. Should euthanasia be legalized?
  28. Should the police system be reformed?
  29. Is there any need to amend policies to prevent sexual assault?
  30. What steps should be taken to prevent mass shootings?
  31. Should prostitution be banned?
  32. Does justice prevail in third-world countries?
  33. Are rich people more involved in lawbreaking?
  34. Should prisoners be allowed to get higher education?
  35. Should gun ownership be abolished?
  36. Should religion be kept separate from politics?
  37. Have political decisions been affected by technological advancement?
  38. Is democracy a reliable form of government or not?
  39. How do international laws affect the national interests of the country?
  40. Does the failure of political leaders lead to civil war?
  41. Do policies support gender discrimination?
  42. Do social movements affect the political system?
  43. What should be the ideal form of government?
  44. How do non-state factors affect the international arena?

If you need more topics, ask a paper writing service to help you select an engaging theme.If any student with a political science background tells me, "Write my essay for me," I will consider the above-mentioned topics.

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