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Are you stuck at the very first step of writing an essay? Are you facing difficulties in coming up with an interesting cause and effect essay? Do you think selecting a topic of your choice is a burden? Well, how about I tell you that getting the option to select a topic of your own choice is a blessing in disguise. It may take some of your time but an essay writer will come up with an interesting topic, on which you can find ample data. This will be the stepping stone towards the making of a stellar cause and effect essay.

However, I understand that sometimes thinking of potential cause-and-effect essays could be a cumbersome task. And no matter how much you brainstorm no interesting idea pops up in your head. Well, still you should stop worrying and take a look at the below list of cause and effect essay topics. Shortlist any topic that interests you and finalize an interesting topic after ensuring that you can easily find relevant data for writing an essay. Or you can ask others to write my essay for me.

  • What are the cause and effects of air pollution?
  • How is the sea level rising?
  • Why are different cities sinking across the globe?
  • Why does the temperature of the earth keep rising?
  • How the rising temperature would affect the sustenance of life on earth?
  • Climate change is a natural phenomenon. What are the causes of its acceleration?
  • What are the causes and effects of the greenhouse effect?
  • How bullying affects the mental and physical health of students?
  • How bullying affects the grades of students?
  • What are the underlying reasons that some students choose to bully others?
  • Causes and effects of an increase in domestic violence report amid the pandemic
  • How domestic violence affects the mental growth of children?
  • How parents’ separation affects young children?
  • What are the causes and effects of the popularity of fast-foods on the young generation?
  • Shed some light on the causes and effects of ever-increasing screen times of children.
  • How parents are failing to limit the screen time of their young children?
  • What are the effects of increasing screen time on the physical and mental health of children?
  • Causes and effects of black lives matter
  • What are the underlying reasons for the upsurge of the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • How Black Lives Matter is affecting the politics of the United States?
  • What are the primary causes of the pervasive discriminatory mindset among the US police department?
  • How the police brutalities are adding fuel to the fire of the Black Lives Matter movement?
  • Causes and effects of the rise of White supremacists in the US
  • Why states yearn for acquiring a weapon of mass destruction?
  • Effects of the vertical and horizontal proliferation of nuclear weapons
  • How nuclear war would affect life on earth?
  • Effects of nuclear disasters such as Chernobyl
  • What are the causes of an increasing threat of nuclear and radiological terrorism?

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  • How excess consumption of alcohol affects the immune system?
  • Effects of excessive alcoholism on the nervous system
  • Why is China becoming a leading economic power?
  • Why is China not engaging itself in foreign conflicts?
  • What would be the effects of China replacing the US as the leading power of the world?
  • How China is undercutting US supremacy?
  • Why can't China be a superpower?
  • What were the main underlying causes of WWII?
  • How the creation of the UN is affecting the world?
  • How listening to music affects our mood swings?
  • What are the factors that contributed to the US loss in the war against the Afghan Taliban?
  • How a post-American Afghanistan under the leadership of the Afghan Taliban would affect world affairs?
  • Identify the factors that inhibit globalization.

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