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The debate always catches your interest when you get to listen to some interesting contrasting views. It is difficult to choose a tricky yet interesting topic for the debate. Many students find themselves confused when they look into the internet with thousands of topics.

As a high school student, there are multiple things that you need to consider. For debate topics, it's best if you go for easier topics to grasp ideas. Choosing a difficult topic can make you confused while preparing for the debate.

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The social topic for debate

  1. 1. Should women have the right to abortion or not?
  2. 2. Do linguists need to study a gender-neutral language or not?
  3. 3. Should women be reduced to the domestic sphere or not?
  4. 4. Should punishment be considered as the only option for drug addicts?
  5. 5. Does the United States policy for the marginalized community need changes?
  6. 6. Do some of the laws in the US constitution promote racist ideologies?
  7. 7. Are the American institutes and laws failing to address racism properly?
  8. 8. Should American laws be lenient to address the problem of illegal migrants?
  9. 9. Is America dealing with the worst economic inequality as compared to other countries?
  10. 10. Does the school and college curriculum have a hand in promoting racism?
  11. 11. Does peer pressure result from the abolishment of religious and ethical learning?
  12. 12. Does feminist claim on the women’s right to abortion are enough to reject the religious premises?

Environment-related topic

  1. 1. Should offshore drilling be allowed in America or not?
  2. 2. Does offshore drilling cost more to the government than providing benefits?
  3. 3. Is tourism a source of generating more revenue or a cause of damaging national heritage sites?
  4. 4. Is the export of animals legally appropriate and acceptable?
  5. 5. Is human life possible on the planet earth with increasing climate change?
  6. 6. Should industries pay extra taxes for the carbon emissions causing excessive negative environmental effects?
  7. 7. Is environmental change irreversible or can we still make a change?
  8. 8. Is limiting the birth rate an effective solution to control the increasing population?

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Science and technology

  1. 1. Should people prefer homeopathic medicine over allopathy?
  2. 2. Should animals be used as a specimen in scientific experiments?
  3. 3. Should human cloning be allowed in America or not?
  4. 4. Is it appropriate to permit human organ sales in America?
  5. 5. Should the government consider limiting the fast-food chain in America?
  6. 6. Should marijuana be allowed in drug manufacture or as a medicine?
  7. 7. Is heterosexuality or transgender a gender identity disorder?
  8. 8. Does increasing revolution in the technology field pose a threat for the younger generation?
  9. 9. Should America spend more money on the development of nuclear weapons?

Education and Politics related topics

  1. 1. Does the privatization of higher education need to stop?
  2. 2. Should sports scholarships need to be completely restricted or allowed to every athlete?
  3. 3. Is online learning affecting the credibility of higher education degrees?
  4. 4. Is traditional schooling better than online or homeschooling?
  5. 5. Should teachers be allowed to carry guns on campus?
  6. 6. Is the lack of practical work and student involvement a major lacking factor in online learning?
  7. 7. Are student loans causing exploitation among the young generation?
  8. 8. Is it compulsory for political leaders to be active on social media platforms?
  9. 9. Is social media engagement causing the spread of false or fake news?
  10. 10. Should political campaigns rely on social media platforms?
  11. 11. Should the American government abolish the life sentence without parole for juveniles?

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