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Are you also facing the challenge of selecting a speech topic that is persuasive yet historical? Don’t worry. Many students struggle with choosing speech topics, and you’re not alone in this. But what you need to keep in mind is that choosing a topic that not only interests you but also interests your audience is crucial and you should never overlook its importance.

It cannot be argued that to write and deliver a persuasive speech, you first need to choose the right topic. A persuasive speech at a college level should be something that not only persuades the audience but also engages with them and is based on what interests them. Therefore, certain elements should be considered when choosing the right topic.

A brief description of these elements will be discussed for an essay writer before jumping into the list of topics.

Elements to Consider While Choosing a Topic

  1. Choose a topic that is familiar to you

    Choosing a familiar topic makes it easy for you to prepare a speech and deliver it with ease.

  2. Interesting topic

    It is advised that you choose a topic that is of interest to you. Students tend to perform better and enthusiastically in their speeches when they deliver on a topic that they can connect with.

  3. The topic should not be overdone

    Your choice of topic should be unique from other participants. A topic that is overdone in speeches tends to bore people, and they lose interest in listening to it. When I write my essay online, I try to choose a topic that is different from others. It is because there is always a topic that is present multiple times and no longer interests people. Therefore, bringing uniqueness to the topic is important.

Historical Persuasive Speech Topics

Historical speech topics could be based on any past event, figure, movement, or timeline. We have compiled a list of 45 persuasive historical topics for you below. You can choose from them while considering the elements of choosing a suitable topic.

  1. Was Abraham Lincoln an influential leader?
  2. Is the mummification process a lost art?
  3. Are dinosaurs real or just a myth?
  4. Is there any underlying importance of the Great Wall of China?
  5. The origin of the fortune cookie.
  6. Is witchcraft real or just a myth?
  7. How did languages evolve?
  8. US colonialism, a revolution or not?
  9. Are historical inventions accidental?
  10. Impact of civil war.
  11. Superstitions and their origin.
  12. Impact of the cold war.
  13. Was Hitler an influential leader?
  14. The historic significance of feminism
  15. The origin of tobacco use
  16. Historical figures who changed the world.
  17. Did Russia surrender in the cold war?
  18. Black lives movement, a revolution, or just chaos?
  19. The industrial revolution and its impact
  20. Preservation of endangered languages
  21. Evolution of human rights
  22. How have voting laws evolved?
  23. The evolution of the English language
  24. Women participation in wars
  25. The origin of abortion laws
  26. History of tribes in America
  27. Gandhi’s role in India’s independence.
  28. Martin Luther King and the Black lives movement.
  29. Is the monarch system effective?
  30. Is the monarchy of England at its deathbed?
  31. Was Queen Elizabeth I a great leader?
  32. Egyptian pyramids and their significance
  33. Evolution of Greece
  34. French revolution and its impact
  35. Origin of nuclear weapons
  36. Are nuclear weapons a great invention?
  37. Evolution of medicine
  38. Mother Teresa and her impactful life
  39. Origin of Valentine's day.
  40. Evolution of art and film making

While it may get tricky to choose from the lengthy list of topics, you can take advice from experts. When I write my essay or a speech, I prefer taking a second opinion from a paper writing service on the topic. It helps match your interests with the audience.

Remember that you can always alter these topics and make one of your own out of these. Or if you are still confused and need other topics, get help from an essay writing service now.

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