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An argumentative essay is the most common essay given to students for assessment. Teachers give them to check the critical skills of their students. It helps a lot in improving the critical and analytical skills of students like you. You should be precise and to the point in writing such essays

The argumentative essay must have solid pieces of evidence to prove the arguments. The essay should be written with smooth transitions. Such essays are not easy to write. I also used to hire a professional essay writer to write essay for me to guide me on some advanced argumentative strategies. Using those write-ups I practiced and trained myself. It is advised that you should follow the same path.

Argumentative write-ups require fine skills and a lot of practice. You should try to practice daily. Get yourself prepared for writing such essays. Some of the Important argumentative essay topics are as follows. You should practice these and be prepared for them.

  1. Is a smart lockdown a viable way to tackle Covid-19?
  2. Has the internet positively or negatively affected human society?
  3. Why are psychologists not labeled as doctors?
  4. Is gun control an effective way to control time?
  5. Positive and negative outcomes of feminism?
  6. Should student textbooks be replaced by notebook computers?
  7. Should wealthy nations provide economic assistance to the Covid trodden states?
  8. Should engines be converted to hybrid technologies?
  9. Should the forthcoming generations be encouraged to practice religion?
  10. Was the US election fair?
  11. Will the world counter the economic tremulous post-Covid-19?
  12. Has the world faced negative Political impacts from the pandemic in 2021?
  13. How Social integration is affected after the lockdown?
  14. Impact of social distancing on human psychology?
  15. What are the challenges in the post-Covid-19 world?
  16. How the potential of technologies is essential for the future?
  17. Is the conspiracy of biowarfare real?
  18. The importance of emerging technologies and their impacts?
  19. What are the impacts of the corona vaccine and the changing strain of the virus?
  20. What are the changing dimensions of warfare: a case study of the colonized world?
  21. Should children be provided with electronic gadgets?
  22. Is there a suitable way of waste management for underdeveloped states?
  23. Why are we still lacking environmental control?
  24. Is there a need for human colonies on Mars?
  25. Should there be effective control over drug use like marijuana?
  26. Are we heading towards economic repression?
  27. Is there a chance of more covid waves?
  28. Will the pandemic be controlled after the covid vaccine?
  29. Is Pfizer's corona vaccine effective?
  30. Should there be a check and balance on digital currency internationally?
  31. Will we witness a covid-19 free world in 2021?
  32. Should the lockdown violators be punished?
  33. Will China surpass the US economy?
  34. Is there a universal rule of men being the bread runners?
  35. Are nuclear arms guarantees of peace?
  36. Will we ever witness a nuclear-free world?

All these topics have relevance to contemporary affairs. Each one of them is a potential topic to be given in assessments by teachers. Make yourself ready and start writing. You would learn with time. But as you are starting it is not possible for you to write with perfection, so it is advised to contact a paper writing service. Look closely at how they write and then compare it with your writing. Try to find the loopholes and fill them. It is not a one-day process, you would need time to master the right skills.

So, learn as much as you can because this is the best time. You would be writing many such argumentative essays in your student life so it is better to learn the required skills. Also, ask someone to write my paper.

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