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The purpose of writing a persuasive essay is to convince your reader to grasp your notion just like in an argumentative essay. You need to provide logical information in order to stimulate the audience’s interest as well as for them to agree to your side of the argument. You need to keep the purpose of your essay in mind to write a qualitative persuasive essay.

Firstly, you must have a persuasive prompt or a topic to construct your essay on its basis. While selecting a topic you must choose the one you are passionate about, because the topic of your choice will flood you with ideas and amusement. You must enjoy writing your essay because it will bring out some qualitative results. Your ideas will flow fluently and it will be easy for you to persuade your reader.

Always present authentic ideas from authentic sources and solid arguments, if your arguments or evidence would be weak it will make your reader bored and lose interest. Use a persuasive hook to attract your readers. Your ideas must be debatable so the reader may take interest and agree that your ideas are valid and interesting and they should pursue them. To first write a workable persuasive essay you need a good topic following is the list of persuasive essay topics for you to select. Choose any topic or get help if you are wondering who can help write my essay for me.

1. Education

  1. i. Schools should remain online or not?
  2. ii. Uniforms must be mandated at schools.
  3. iii. Do schools need to increase school hours to compensate for the loss?
  4. iv. Should exams be conducted in an online school?
  5. v. Education these days is dependent upon finance.
  6. vi. Does education differ in government and private schools?
  7. vii. Does a teacher's behavior affect a child?
  8. viii. Is it beneficial for me to write my essay in MLA format?

2. Environment

  1. i. Do humans have a contribution to climate change?
  2. ii. Why should recycling be compulsory?
  3. iii. How can we conserve natural resources?
  4. iv. Is Earth spinning faster this year?
  5. v.Should plastic be banned?
  6. vi. Effects of global warming on the environment.
  7. vii. Is pollution causing the ozone to damage?

3. Food

  1. i. Does food elevate our mood?
  2. ii. Should organic food be commonly used?
  3. iii. Why should junk food be banned?
  4. iv. Is eating chicken leading to hormonal disbalance?
  5. v. Do healthy diet-conscious people live longer than junk lovers?
  6. vi. Does the food industry rely on culture?
  7. vii. Does junk food leads to obesity?

4. Social Media

  1. i. Is social media poisoning our minds?
  2. ii. Is social media more powerful than law today?
  3. iii. People are making their laws using the power of social media?
  4. iv. Do social apps breach our privacy?
  5. v. Are these social media apps controlling us?
  6. vi. What do you think is more secure Facebook or Whatsapp?
  7. vii. Is snap chat filters misleading people?

5. Science

  1. i. Is Mars the next Earth?
  2. ii. Are rainforests on verge of extinction?
  3. iii. Does the extinction of animals would affect the world?
  4. iv. What is Quantum Physics?
  5. v. Does plastic poison the world?
  6. vi. Is it possible to time travel?
  7. Vii. Why do earthquakes take place?

You will definitely get an interesting idea from this list provided by the best paper writing service. Always choose a captivating topic also proofread your essay once you are done writing to remove grammatical or typing errors. Try to use all these guidelines to well construct your persuasive essay. You can also hire a professional essay writing service and get persuasive essay writing help from an expert essay writer online.

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