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Students are usually confused among the different types of essays. This leads to incoherent and overlapping arguments. For instance, a student might be trying to develop an expository argument in a definition essay or a student may try to be persuasive in an expository essay. To avoid this problem the student must know the purpose and type of essay that he or she is writing.

A persuasive essay is written to convince and persuade the audience over an issue of debate. I once made my friend write my essay for me but he did a pathetic job. His essay was less persuasive and more argumentative. So I will suggest that you must be sure about what type of essay you want to write and what message you want to convey. Once you know the purpose and type of your essay it becomes fairly easy for you to construct your essay. It is better to get help from a paper writing service when you are not sure about the type of essay.

Following are some of the topic ideas from an essay writing service online to write persuasive essays. These might not be exactly relevant to what you want to write but I am sure these would help you get more ideas. Sometimes you may not find the exact topic that you are looking for but when you look at topics it gives you ideas. The list of topics shared might give you some creative ideas of your own to start your essay with.

  1. Transgenders should be given citizenship rights.
  2. Trump should not be impeached.
  3. Biden should prepare for a humanitarian crisis at borders (immigrant issue).
  4. College students must have free access to condom dispensers.
  5. Should America stop the trade war with China?
  6. The threat of Climate Change is real.
  7. Terrorism is an ideological issue.
  8. Family Engagement is necessary for child learning.
  9. Autism parents should be given Subsidies.
  10. Women are better policymakers.

If these ideas are not enough for you then I will suggest more topics to you. Most of these ideas I came across when I had to write a paper for me. Internet-based research and newspapers are good sources to find good topic ideas. I have been browsing and scrolling on the internet for years and this is one benefit that I reaped from it. I got to know of a lot of things that are happening across the world and this made it even easier to formulate them in an essay.

  1. 11. Importance of casting vote.
  2. 12. Same-sex marriages.
  3. 13. Female participation in politics.
  4. 14. Teacher’s prejudice in the classroom.
  5. 15. Gun Laws in the US should be reformed.
  6. 16. Police reforms can reduce racial killings.
  7. 17. Racism has been systematized in America.
  8. 18. On-Campus violence is on a rise.
  9. 19. Extremism can be addressed with quality education.
  10. 20. Media reporting is biased.

Among these ideas are some topics where you can choose to favor or go against an argument. You may go either way but these persuasive essay topics are surely going to help you. You cannot favor the ideas of those in the opposite camp. If you want your essay to be a success story then you must make sure that you know why your opponents are wrong and what makes you right. Knowing the arguments of the opponent camp is equally important to convincing your reader with your essay. For interested readers, there are some more topic ideas from an expert essay writer that you can choose from.

  1. 21. Great leaders should have the ability to delegate.
  2. 22. Marijuana should be legalized.
  3. 23. Rehabilitation of Criminals is important.
  4. 24. Social media influences political agenda.
  5. 25. Gender is a socially constructed norm.
  6. 26. Binary sexual relations are constructed.
  7. 27. Islamophobia is exaggerated in the West.
  8. 28. Internet Neutrality should be ensured.
  9. 29. Traditional Wars have shifted to Cyber Wars.
  10. 30. Facebook is taking over the World.

I hope you have already found your dream topic by now and you have begun to think of starting your essay.

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