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There are indeed moments where only formal contact is going to take place. In particular, when it comes to writing academic essays. It is important that an essay writer adopt a formal language in academic writing, as this genre of writing aims at objectivity, logical reasoning, and clarity. Hence, there are unique academic terms that you can use to let yourself write an impactful essay.

Academic papers have very little space for informal and communicative expressions. There might definitely be no LOLs, no LMFAOs, and probably no OMGs. However, would you be surprised to learn that there is a huge list of words that might not be considered as simple and compelling? If still worried about the writing process, just pay for essay now and get it done.

What about those who think it's okay to write ‘you’ (2nd person form) in an essay? Another example: do you know the difference between ‘however’ and ‘although’?

It is simple. The use of ‘however’ is used at the beginning of a sentence with a comma after it. Conversely, ‘although’ can be in the start or middle of your sentences but it doesn’t include a comma after it. So to establish the right level of formality in your academic writing here you will be provided with a list of 22 phrases and words that you can apply in your writing. It is definitely not an exhaustive list, however, they are just a few in numbers that can provide essay help to improve your writing skills.

22 words and phrases

  1. Furthermore
    • ‘Furthermore, it suggests you have patience in hard times.’
  2. Moreover
    • ‘Moreover, the child had a gadget that accompanied him the whole night.’
  3. Likewise
    • ‘Sarah believes in John. Likewise, John believes in Sierra’
  4. As well as
    • ‘She likes mangoes, as well as oranges’
  5. First, second, third…
    • ‘She overcame depression through different methods. First, by believing in herself. Second, by interacting with others. Third, she moved on.’
  6. On the other hand
    • ‘She believes in magic. On the other hand, she is afraid of magicians.’
  7. However
    • ‘She builds walls around herself. However, she failed to achieve what she wanted.’
  8. For instance
    • ‘She finds it comforting to hang out at a different place; for instance, malls, meeting places, coffee shops, and at her friend’s place.’
  9. Significantly
    • ‘Significantly, Sarah failed to present herself the way she actually is.’
  10. In order to
    • ‘In order to communicate with Sarah, we need to understand her first.’
  11. Then again
    • ‘A Black was again humiliated in the store. Then again discrimination prevails’
  12. With this in mind
    • ‘Researchers have assumed that anxiety develops a sense of low self-esteem among individuals. With this in mind, one must be very careful while interacting with such persons.’
  13. In conclusion
    • ‘In conclusion, the ideas tell that humans are adaptive in nature.’
  14. Compelling
    • ‘The most compelling statement was given by person A in the audience.’
  15. All things considered
    • ‘All things considered, it is clear to understand that humanity still exists.’
  16. Above all
    • ‘The most beloved daughter is the younger one above all, the elder one has her own importance.’
  17. Importantly
    • ‘Importantly, person A was appointed in MNC to cope with the downfalls of the market.’
  18. Nevertheless
    • ‘He was asleep nevertheless, he got awake.’
  19. Despite this
    • ‘Despite this, Sarah must bear in mind that she is not the only one.’
  20. Yet
    • ‘It was too late, yet we were all ready to eat an ice-cream.’
  21. Coupled with
    • ‘Coupled with the authentic sources, the research gave a convincing view of our idea.’
  22. Not only...but also
    • ‘The world is not only about uncertainty but also a whole deception.’

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