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Most scholarships require students to write and submit a scholarship essay along with the application. We said “most scholarships” because not all scholarships require students to submit an essay. But scholarship committees that ask for scholarship essays do often have the same concerns (prompts or questions). But the strategy and tactics used by students to answer these prompts are different. Because the details and way of writing of everyone are different from others.

But never forget that most of the colleges modify prompts for scholarship essays. They update or change them in order to make them convey the actual personality of the student. Another reason why the scholarship offering committee modifies prompts for scholarship essays is to identify new traits and competencies of students. While this helps them to ensure fairness in the process and offer scholarships to the most deserving students.

Colleges or scholarship offering committees make changes or modifications in scholarship essay prompts every year. Hence, this blog post lists and describes scholarship essay prompts for new undergraduate students used in the current year (2021). Hence, all you need to continue reading the post. And will get the prompt you are required to answer or you can ask others to write my essay.

How and why this scholarship would help you?

This is one of the most commonly used prompts assigned by scholarship offering committees to applicants. This prompt is taken lightly and simply but students who do so are mistaken. Because it is not a simple prompt as an essay writer may think about it. Instead, this prompt conveys how one can get benefit from the scholarship if offered to him/her. In simple words, poorly answering this prompt may directly lead to your failure. Because a scholarship committee never gives scholarships when they do not know how this can help the individual.

Due to such significance, always answer this prompt by describing how the award would assist you to achieve what you aim. But make sure the scholarship will help you in at least one of the following ways;

  • Professionally
  • Financially
  • Academically

In answering this prompt, you can share your personal and family hardships and barriers in your professional growth and success, etc.

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How have you contributed to the community and what are your contributions?

The prompt titled above is mostly assigned to applicants who want to take admission in social studies. In other words, it is a very common prompt written for community service scholarships. The most important thing you should cover when answering this prompt is listing and describing each of your community experiences. As well as community activities. But remember; never forget to convey your major accomplishments at the top. Also, share any volunteer opportunities you have taken part in.

The last important thing; always to explain your planning to continue to support your community in the future.

Tell about the experience of your failure in your life and your learning from that experience

This scholarship is mostly asked by business schools to answer. Indeed, no one of us is perfect. And it is known to the scholarship committee as well. So never try to be perfect when writing/answering such scholarship essay prompts because all scholarship committee members want to know is “how and what you have learned from your failure”. Hence, do not think that it cannot/should not be a failure you have experienced in your personal life.

You can describe your personal, professional, or academic failure. But the main focus should be on “how the experience improved you and your skills”. Hence, take care seriously and accordingly.

What are your professional, academic, and career goals/objectives?

An important thing about this particular prompt is it is answered concisely but clearly. The scholarship committee never expects you to describe one or two goals in detail. But they want to know what you have set to achieve in your professional and academic life. Hence, make sure you list each goal you have set. And give a concise and clear description of each goal you write/list out.

Be very concise when the word count set by the scholarship committee is short. But make sure you properly describe what you want to study and why and what type of professional you want to pursue after your education.

Remember! Always leave room for one or two sentences when answering this prompt because you will need to explain why you are motivated to pursue this particular path.

Why do you deserve this award or scholarship?

Another common scholarship essay prompt is “why do you deserve this award or scholarship”. The main concern of the scholarship offering committee behind this prompt is to know your view about “why you, not someone else”. Hence, cover this question as perfectly and professionally as possible. In simple words, paint art of why you deserve this scholarship the most. Or why you are the most deserving candidate for this scholarship.

There are several things students focus on when writing/answering this prompt. But we suggest establishing the following things.

  1. Make sure you prove yourself as a great achiever in your life. To do so, list and describe achievements you are proud of the most.
  2. How you set your goals as well as what goals you set for the future that makes you stand out. Simply, state how you are driven to succeed in the future. Convey that you have set SMART goals and future plans that would make a difference once achieved.

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