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It is more than common that you are assigned to write a paper, you will be expected to write an annotated bibliography. Sometimes, you may be given an assignment that will ask you to only write an annotated bibliography on a particular topic. But both of these tasks are the same in nature. This means writing an annotated bibliography essay or writing an annotated bibliography for a paper needs some steps to be taken.

To write your annotated bibliography assigned masterfully and with perfection, you must know to understand the main concept of annotated bibliography. Hence, let’s learn what is an annotated bibliography?

By the main conception, an annotated bibliography is a formal list of citations to different sources such as articles, books, papers, and other documents where the citation of every source is followed by a short/brief evaluative and descriptive paragraph/section. And that paragraph is called the annotation of the source or citation.

You learned what an annotated bibliography is and what it actually means! Great! But there is something more and important when it comes to writing it (an annotated bibliography). To some students, writing an annotated bibliography may be a daunting task because such tasks (writing annotated bibliographies) have several styles. And should be correct and possibly precise.

There are several factors to consider and cover when aiming to ensure perfection in writing an annotated bibliography. One of them is selecting an appropriate, researchable, realistic, and powerful topic. It is an important task to be done because an inappropriate and poor topic may become a barrier in the way you follow to reach your destination.

But no need to worry!

This blog post lists the most powerful and influential annotated bibliography topics in order to assist you to select a perfect one for your annotated bibliography assignment or you can ask others to write my essay.

Annotated Bibliography Topics

  1. How has globalization changed the global economy in the current century?
  2. How has the traveling and tourism industry been affected by the sharing economy?
  3. How the ever-growing immigration to America influences the economy of the country?
  4. What roles does religion play in the political system of a country like the United States?
  5. How do politics influence and change the business operations and strategies of the world's largest multinational companies?
  6. How foreign policies of the United States put an impact on the social and economic development of neighboring countries?’
  7. How political strategies and decisions of the United States of American affect business around the world (worldwide business)?
  8. Why and how the current education system for childhood education is comparatively better than the past?
  9. Traditional classroom education, educational classrooms, and today's homeschooling: Which one is the best?
  10. Depression versus Obesity around the world: Which one is more harmful to mental and physical development?
  11. Internet in the current time: What is it and what are its major implications on personality as well as social psychology?
  12. Medicare and Medicaid: What are the major differences?
  13. Does every citizen of the United States of America have equal access to healthcare facilities around the country?
  14. Healthcare and modern technology: How healthcare practices around the USA have been improved with the help of or by advanced technology?
  15. White-collar crimes versus street crimes: Which one is the most harmful for a society or community?
  16. Parenting care and juvenile delinquency: Is there any association?
  17. Should economically develop and rich countries/nations financially support developing nations around the globe? Especially neighboring nations?
  18. Human cloning and today’s modern society: Is there any effect on modern society? Should it be morally good and acceptable (if any)?
  19. Human activities, human population, and global warming: What is our major but severe contribution?
  20. Homelessness in the United States and its major effects on the social system and economy of the country.

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Research Guide and Writing Tips

Indeed, an annotated bibliography is a major part of a research paper. Hence, it should be done/completed with perfection and credibly. But the question is how it can be done so. Hence, below are the tips that will enable you to achieve what you desire.

  1. Topic selection and clarification: A good fact about an annotated bibliography is it helps in clarifying topics. But one must conduct in-depth research first. Hence, make sure you conduct research and clarify your topic in terms of available data before writing your annotated bibliography.
  2. Collection of appropriate evidence: Researching, collecting information, and writing it is not the key. But always try to collect relevant evidence that will be used to support your claim/argument(s) while writing. But this could be possible if you do deep research. Hence, take care as needed. Still, confused? Hire a paper writing service now.
  3. Before starting writing, make sure you divide your annotated bibliography into three (3) categories which are; evaluating, summarizing, and mixed. Write your paper while following the category or group you are focusing on. So, you will ensure perfection in your writing.
  4. Do not just summarize sources and write what you summarize. This is not writing an annotated bibliography if you do so. But analyze/evaluate the scope of resources you have researched and cited or will be cited. This will help you pick and annotate the most credible sources which will further lead you to achieve mastery.
  5. Keep a proper track of your research as well as the retrieval of information/material. And evaluate sources and write major ideas while following particular citation formats such as MLA or APA etc.

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