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An academic career is more of an upside-down slide rather than a straight path. My depiction of the education system and career is not retrieved from the motivational quotes but it is something very personal that I have observed very closely. Easiness and smoothness is a word that one must forget while pursuing higher education. That’s too terrifying?? Let’s turn this slide into a mirror image and now everything is so fine. You know what? I used technology to turn this erect image straight because technology has brought a myriad of easiness for me. Once I had to write an essay that was research-based so I asked one of my friends to write my essay for me. He denied and it crushed my heart but then he forwarded me a guide that made me so peaceful. This was an online guide that taught me 2 paraphrasing techniques and it helped me a lot in writing my essay. I am sharing a brief account of the two techniques for your support

Basically, paraphrasing is all about rewriting but in your own words. It is more like recreating the content. It is not as difficult as it appears to be, because we just need to bring our daily life skills into practice. or you can always ask others to write my paper at affordable rates.

  1. 1- Change sentence structure

    It is one of the most important and playful tricks because we practice it in our daily life. In order to rephrase a text, an essay writer is required to read the passage and then change the structure of the sentence. It will help you to create an entirely new paragraph that will communicate the same meaning but in different words. No, you must be thinking how can we do it? You only need to add something either to the end or in the beginning and it will change the complete sentence. One such example is adding attribution such as, “Yuri Jang quoted” or in a study done by XYZ it is found, these attributions will not only help you create more authentic sentences but will help you change the word order. You can also change sentence structure by changing or adding parts of speech or changing the voice of a sentence, i.e. you can write a sentence in a passive voice rather than an active voice. Another idea is to add different definition patterns such as, Fever is described as, Fever is defined as, and XYZ defined fever as…

  2. 2- Using synonyms

    Another important and very helpful trick that you can use in paraphrasing is, “using synonyms”. It is considered one of the tricks that are a sub-task to changing the sentence structure but many people think it is a different task. When you are paraphrasing a text, you have to change the words with their synonyms. It will help you create an entirely new sentence that will be communicating the same meaning. One major point of CONSIDERATION in using synonyms is, you have to read the sentence very carefully to ensure that the synonym actually fits in the sentence. You can do this either at the end of the document or alongside, as it will help you think of another quick choice. You can also proofread your document in the end, but it will add to the stress level.

These two techniques are one of the most selected and the best approaches that can help you rephrase the text. It helped me a lot in my research essay as I was unable to be creative enough to think of ideas by myself and there were many legit facts that were to be quoted in the same way. I must say, these techniques will add a lot of ease to your academic career as well. Or if you are still unsure, consult an essay writing service now.

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