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A student or an essay writer may come across many types of essays during their academic career. The most common type of essay that students are usually required to write is the one in which they have to compare and contrast two or more things. Like all other essays, there are different approaches to writing such essays. If I were to ask someone to write my essay for me, I would make them understand the approach required for it. In the following lines, we will look at the two major approaches to writing such essays.

Approach 1: Discussing the subjects separately

This approach can be used when there is not much similarity between the assigned subjects. Another reason for using this approach is when the subjects have their own distinct identities. A compare and contrast essay on two poets may take such a form. This is also called a block pattern of essay writing. A writer will take one subject at a time and explain it fully. The explanation of the subject should suffice the purpose of the essay.

The block method summarizes all the similarities in the first body paragraph and all the differences in the second paragraph. But if you still find it difficult, you can always ask for help. Initially, I faced difficulty when I had to write my paper but I improved a lot through practice and a little help from my peers. Moving on! The following example will elaborate on the use of the block pattern of an essay.


There are many similarities between drugs like crack and cocaine. Both of them cause hypertension along with some physiological problems. Aggressive behavior can occur among people using such drugs and an excessive intake can result in cardiac problems.

Both drugs are retrieved from the Coca plant but in different forms. Cocaine exists in the form of powder whereas crack is found in the form of flakes. The percentage of cocaine also differs among both drugs. The percentage of pure cocaine in the crack is much higher than cocaine. The mode of taking drugs is also different for crack and cocaine. Crack is taken through cigarettes, and it affects the human lungs whereas cocaine is inhaled in powdered form or injected in the form of a liquid substance. Thus, the two drugs are similar in three ways, and they are different in three ways as well.

Approach 2: Discussing each subject point by point

This approach can be used when there are clear similarities or differences between the subjects under study. Both subjects are discussed point-by-point. An example can be given while comparing and contrasting two cities. In the following lines, we will present an essay as an example in point format to compare and contrast London and Washington DC.


Both cities are capitals of their respective countries, but they offer different experiences to the people visiting them. Both cities have landmarks related to their respective history. In terms of history, London can be considered much older as compared to Washington DC. There are some glimpses of Roman and other ancient European Empires in London. Washington DC can be considered a much modern city because it came into existence in the eighteenth century. The city was declared the capital of the United States in the 1790s.

There are many museums in both these cities, having the most valuable and antique treasures. London has a definite edge in the category of art and architecture. This advantage is due to its history. There are many theaters within both cities and London has an edge in this comparison as well.

The cost of living in both of these cities is also comparable. In Washington DC, a one-bedroom apartment may cost $ 1800 per month, and in London, the cost may be doubled. The most significant difference between the cities in the demographic distribution of the residents. In Washington DC, the majority of residents are from races other than white. London has a majority of white residents in contrast.

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