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When people start writing essays and general articles for their assignments, they usually copy-paste citations from the same sources. But wait! Do you think this is the right way to cite your essay? Absolutely not! You will find that every citation has been written in a different sequence and style.

It is an easy thing to do once you start practicing different styles in your writings. You can find some simple guides to write down perfect citation styles on many online platforms. You only have to listen to the guideless once carefully and you will easily identify and format any style your professors refer for your assignment.

Let’s learn how to write any two citation styles that you might encounter in any academic writing. You will find hundreds of guidelines and tips on any paper writing service online. Please read a brief overview here.

MLA (Modern Language Association)

Well, this is a more recently introduced format in academic writing but you will see a lot of people asking you to cite your essay in this format. This format is commonly used in academic writings related to arts and humanities like English literature, literary criticism, media and culture studies, and other interdisciplinary subjects.

MLA style is a lot like APA style because it uses in-text citations. But the major difference is that MLA uses the author-page number system rather than the authors-date system in APA style.

For example, the in-text citation for MLA format is written as (Writer’s last name page number) that is (John 235).

Bibliography for MLA style is written as work-cited. For every style, a bibliography requires similar information. It includes the name of the writer, the name of the article or essay, the year it was published, who published it, and where it was published. But the specific formatting ad sequencing will be different in each style. Check the sample for MLA style i.e. John, Mark. Title. London, Oxford U. P., 2013.

You will see that the publication date comes in the end in the MLA style but it comes right after the author’s name in APA style.

APA style

Let’s now talk some more about the APA style. It stands for the American Psychological Association. The first manual style in APA style came in 1927. This was designed to serve the writing needs of anthropologists and Psychologists. But now the style is widely used across all the disciplines of social sciences and humanities. If you need someone to help you then simply say write essay for me.

A proper in-text citation in APA style will look like this (writer’s name, Year, p. number) is (John, 2013, p. 253) It uses the date of publication and the name of the author and the date of publication rather than the page number. But the page number reference is included as well as above. It also uses commas to separate the portions within the intext-citation, unlike the MLA style. Also, p.# to r present the page number but MLA doesn't require this.

Writing down the page number specifies more clearly the location of the source of information that is being used. Therefore page number makes the text or information more credible and emphasizes the ideas more clearly than the year of the publication. In the disciplines of humanities, in-text citations show that you have remained engaged with the ideas of other writers and scholars. So do not miss out on this part.

Moving on, the bibliography in APA style is titled as references rather than work cited. You only give the initial name of the author and in the brackets follows the year of the publication. It will then quote the title of the article. After that, the name of the city where it was published and the name of the publisher are written separating both by a colon. For example, John, M. (2013). title. London: Oxford University Press.

You now should have a proper idea about the two citation styles we have explained. If you are still struggling with formatting, you can always pay for an essay writer to get it done by experts. They are always available and waiting for your one call.

We suggest you never copy-paste the references. Always try to learn them through online and offline sources. However, if you think about how I write my paper, consult a reliable writing service.

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