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Humor is an important part of the literature and perhaps the toughest one as well. It can be very difficult for a writer to make an audience laugh. The topic also plays a very important role in persuading the readers to read through the whole speech. You can select a suitable topic from the list below and let an essay writing service help you by adding a humorous touch to your speech. Take a look below and see which idea suits you best.

  1. Boys talk more than girls
  2. Whatever goes wrong, blame your horoscope
  3. Taking a food challenge can be disastrous
  4. Insurance should cover breakups
  5. Egg or chicken, which followed the other?
  6. Are skinny jeans an appropriate dress for men?
  7. Should we mince and crush vegetables?
  8. Should students be allowed to crack jokes in class?
  9. How lying can help you?
  10. Why do elders behave strangely?
  11. To get lost is the best option in some situations
  12. Things which are farther away are usually fake
  13. Somethings cannot be taught, they are just learned
  14. Write down all the stupid things before you forget
  15. Makeup can help change the facial expressions as well
  16. What if chocolate could speak?
  17. Does the best advice come from the person himself?
  18. Best lessons are learned from the kids
  19. What to do when you are arguing a wrong point?
  20. What things will you regret about your childhood?
  21. Some mistakes have to be made to make great life stories
  22. Behaving like an adult is not an easy task
  23. Does life pose problems for which we do not prepare?
  24. Women say “I will be ready in 5 minutes” is same as men say “I will be home in 5 minutes”
  25. Make a mistake at least 4 times to be sure
  26. Some people are as useless as a ‘g’ in lasagne
  27. At bedtime, we remember all the useless
  28. We care when phones fall but laugh when our friends do
  29. Those who say that they sleep like kids, never had kids
  30. A new pair of shoes can change your life like Cinderella
  31. It is wise to keep the family members off your social media accounts
  32. Behind every unsuccessful man are two women
  33. Mondays should be banned
  34. Plans are restricted to resting and watching Netflix
  35. Two-faced people should have at least one face pretty
  36. People who think that they know everything should be named google
  37. The world should shock me by telling something intelligent
  38. The face of a woman looks like a coloring book
  39. Take note when someone tells you something
  40. What would happen if we could use the autocorrect option?
  41. Some people can also bark but not bote
  42. Reading the book and watching the movie can be alternative
  43. Some people are crazy at their best
  44. Common sense is not very common
  45. I am mad
  46. Who is the boss? Mom or dad?
  47. Wrong is wrong until the powerful do it
  48. A person is never too busy to eat
  49. Disney movies are good as long as there are songs in it
  50. The best option is to keep quiet sometimes
  51. Can math be called the mental abuse to humans
  52. When you mess with a bull, you will get the horns
  53. What is crushed in a crush?
  54. Life was different before social media
  55. What would your smile look like when you would not have teeth?
  56. Laughter is still the best medicine
  57. Girls are beautiful till they start using makeup
  58. Marriage is a suicide attempt
  59. Speed reduces when you are going to pick wife
  60. Last days of the month pass very slow
  61. Supervisors are sincere to the employees
  62. Indecision is the only motto I have pursued
  63. Do men have to be proud of themselves?
  64. Some people have to eat flowers before speaking
  65. How good or a bad boss would you be?
  66. Why should students study early when they can pass the exam studying last night?
  67. How many cigarettes can be lightened with a single match stick?
  68. How to disrupt the class during a boring lecture?
  69. How to spend the salary to last the full month?
  70. How many businesses have you planned for?
  71. The most useless subject we have studied?
  72. Things which can be learned by observing the pets
  73. Personal bloopers and lessons they teach
  74. Some mistakes can be profitable
  75. Arranged marriage is like suiciding happily
  76. Skills required for a successful date
  77. What if the pets could talk?
  78. A comparison of male and female brains
  79. What if men could bear a child?
  80. How to boil the brain of others?
  81. Is it good to irritate others?
  82. Women have amazing driving skills
  83. Wives talk but who cares?
  84. How to stop a talking woman?
  85. Emotional comparison between men and women
  86. What if thoughts had words?
  87. Can two women sit quietly together?
  88. The dumbest thought about childhood
  89. Baby and dad at home all day, whose punishment?
  90. Politicians are not corrupt
  91. Doctors have good handwriting
  92. Friendship between boys and girls
  93. How to cheat successfully in exams?
  94. When I sit seriously to study
  95. When kids knock at an emotional moment
  96. How the weekend is perceived and how it actually goes?
  97. My plans for the vacations
  98. Bikers feel they are flying a plane
  99. When you are on a high
  100. Life before the internet

The above list provides many interesting topics for funny speeches. You can try your hand on a few of those which an essay writer feels confident in or consider to buy speeches from legit websites who can tutor you into writing a good one, or help you out by crafting an entirely unique model speech for you.

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