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An argumentative essay is a kind of essay which includes investigating a topic and collecting and evaluating evidence. In this type of essay, the essay writer takes a position on a specific issue in a precise manner. An argumentative essay includes arguments and ideas both in favor of and against the subject under discussion. In an argumentative essay, the writer tries to persuade the audience to support a different opinion. It consists of an introduction that describes the topic. The introduction is followed by a thesis statement which is followed by the body of the essay. The conclusion includes the arguments mentioned in the essay.

Selecting a topic can be a difficult task for students and professionals alike. They should choose argumentative essay topics that are in line with their interests. Always select topics you have some knowledge about. Never select a topic that is new for you.

If you find it difficult to write an essay on your own, you could reach out to an essay writing service. Note that you should always go with the most relevant and concise topic for an argumentative essay. Some unique topics for argumentative essays are as follows:

  1. How is social media affecting cognitive development in children?
  2. Should smoking be banned in public places?
  3. Does justice prevail in the world?
  4. Should artificial forests be promoted?
  5. How can students participate in the protection of nature?
  6. Monarchy or democracy, which is the best form of government?
  7. Should video games including violence be banned?
  8. Has technology put restrictions on creativity?
  9. Are music and dance art?
  10. Is it necessary to censor particular content on the internet?

Always pay attention to current affairs and select topics that are more relevant to the current scenario. Selecting a controversial topic that many people are unaware of is a bad idea. Select issues on which people do not have a common point of view. Always choose topics on which different supporting and opposing arguments can be made. Still confused, get help from a paper writing service now at affordable rates.


There are different sources that can be used in order to write a good argumentative essay. Some of these are as follows:

Academic Journals: These are the works of different scholars on a specific issue or topic. Academic journals are peer-reviewed before publication. These include more detailed and in-depth information about the topic.

Magazine Articles: Magazine articles cover various subjects. Editors review magazine articles to ensure that the subject is relevant and does well when it’s out there. Citations and references are not included in magazine articles

News Articles: Multiple news articles can be found on recent happenings and specific topics.

Print Sources: For an in-depth analysis of any specific issue, print sources can be used.

Primary Sources: Different interviews, blogs, and tweets on a specific issue can be considered as primary sources. Primary sources can be used for writing an argumentative essay.

Trade journals: These include articles related to industries and are written by professionals. Issues related to businesses and industries are written in trade journals. If you select any argumentative essay topic related to industry and business, trade journals can be used as sources. If I were to ask someone to write my essay for me, I would need to select a topic I already know about. Also, the quality of an argumentative essay depends on the sources used for writing.

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