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Getting admission into your dream college is easy if you know what to write. You will not benefit from effort only. Your essay needs to be error-free, well-written, and unique. Follow the guideline to understand how to answer college applications.

What is a college application?

There are thousands of applicants; therefore, you have to prove how you stand out among them. Many colleges provide a list of questions or a short guideline that you must follow to write your college application essay. You must thoroughly answer everything asked in the guideline while staying within the prescribed word limit. Don’t write cliché and boring answers. You can also take help from the paper writing service writers.

10 unique essay prompts and how to answer them

An essay prompt is a guideline that you use while writing your essay. It is a chance for you to tell the college your story. If you have an average GPA but possess crucial soft skills, your chances of admission are high. For your dream college, you may write an essay yourself but it is recommended that you hire an online essay writer for your secondary colleges. Provide the service with all the necessary personal details that you can

1. A challenging situation how you dealt with it

  • You have to portray yourself as a problem solver
  • Think of an interesting challenge
  • You have to demonstrate your negotiation, teamwork, multi-tasking, and leadership skills

2. A situation where you learned from your past mistakes

  • Portray yourself as a human being that makes mistakes and learns from them
  • Your mistake can be small or big, but the lesson you learned has to be embedded in your mind
  • You may discuss multiple mistakes and their lessons

3. A time you stood up for what is right when everyone was silent

  • Describe how ethics and morality are important to you
  • An example would be standing up to your friend’s bully and getting badly beaten
  • You can also talk about an instance where you got hate for doing the right thing but it was worth it.

4. Who is your hero?

  • Try to be unique in such a question (avoid parents, siblings, or professors)
  • Unique heroes: hardworking garbage-man, doctors, or a helpful school teacher.
  • Emphasize what makes them admirable

5. Why do you want to be a part of our college?

  • Avoid excessively praising the college
  • Describe your interests and future goals
  • Relate future with admission in the college

6. Goals and ambitions

  • Be clear-cut
  • Portray yourself as a hardworking and goal-oriented person
  • Explain how admission to this college will fit in with your future life goals.

7. Biggest achievement

  • You can talk about an actual achievement like winning a competition
  • You can also talk about personal achievement e.g., how you worked on yourself to become a confident individual
  • Try not to be too cocky

8. Have you ever been discriminated against?

  • Discuss any discrimination based on gender, race, religion, or sexuality, etc.
  • Explain how you kept yourself strong during the encounter
  • What did you learn from the experience?

9. How have you positively changed yourself in the past few years?

  • Describe your past negatively e.g., lazy, introverted, less confident, etc.
  • Describe the positive changes
  • Explain how these positive changes affected your life

10. What have you learned so far in life?

  • Choose a specific topic, e.g., empathy, love for the environment.
  • Explain how this changed you as a person
  • How do you plan on continuing this life lesson in the future?

This advice was for the final draft of your dream college. Writing unique essays for different college applications is a difficult job. You should hire an online essay writing service and tell them that you wish to buy an essay online. These services will write the essay and follow the required format.


You can use the college applications to shine yourself in a positive light. Explain to the college why they should select you instead of other applicants. It is better to boast about your extra-curricular skills rather than academics. You should consult online essay writers for help in the matter and ask them to write my essay.

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