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Do you know what draws you towards certain movies, books, or even conversations? It is the element of emotions and how best it is depicted. I am sure you have seen many assignments that involve writing an essay. Rhetorical analysis is one of those types and must be crafted carefully.

You should be aware of the techniques of writing a top-class essay. Every rhetorical analysis essay must evoke certain emotions to have the desired effect on the audience. You do want to get your teacher to use your essay as a model, right? Then you should use the following devices in your essay or you can ask others to write my paper.

Rhetorical Devices

  • Alliteration: Repetition tends to induce certain desired behaviors. So if you repeat a consonant sound, you have this element within your essay. “Target the teens towards these.” ‘T’ sound is repeated in a single sentence. This makes the sentence sound catchy and great for attracting and marketing.
  • Amplification: Take a word or a phrase and use it effectively to develop a sense of urgency and voila! you have amplification. “Scary person in a scary neighborhood.” Yeah! This sounds like a horror novel. Creepy!
  • Anacoluthon: Suddenly changing the flow a bit creates a dramatic effect. “I will ace the exam - I possess the abilities; I must implement these.” You are still talking about acing the exam, but it leaves the people guessing and glued to the conversation. Like you, I wanted to know certain tips to help me write my essay for me, and I found the ones below really helpful. However, if you still feel unsure, you can find help from professional writers who are experts and are familiar with all of these tips.
  • Anadiplosis: End a sentence with a word and then start a new one with the same word. This is a really good approach to keep the idea floating. “This is the end. The end is now.”
  • Antanagoge: Use a phrase and then turn it around. Sort of like using a positive and negative element at once. You can present a problem and the consequent solution at once. “Don’t own a car, get one” Ahh, wish life were that easy.
  • Apophasis: You can call this the irony of devices. Saying something and then denying it is what draws the audience’s attention. “I am not saying you can’t do it, but it might be hard for you.”
  • Chiasmus: Change the order of words in different phrases to get the sense of emotion that your essay needs. “Do not think who might be able to help you- think who you might be able to help.”
  • Euphemism: You are basically giving a makeover to certain words to express them more clearly. You can use this device tactfully. Instead of writing “poor,” you can use “the deprived one.” While you’re making efforts, do not deprive yourself of having a great essay written. You can choose the best essay writing service online and convey all the requirements. Let the experts handle it all the while you relax and put your mind at ease.
  • Hypophora: Take a question and answer it immediately to have the element of hypophora. Why is it important? The others do not have to think much and can connect with the idea. “You are having a bad day? Meditate to relax your nerves.”
  • Similes: Come on! You do draw comparisons from time to time between two things. A simile is just that and allows people to see what might the writer be thinking about and what might the intensity of thought be. “He is as faithful as a dog”.

Well, there it is. Some rhetorical devices for your next essay. The idea is to arouse the emotions so people can immediately connect with what an essay writer is saying. Not really hard to use; all you need is some practice. Do this, and wait for the teacher to commend your efforts.

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