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Is it challenging to pick up a topic of your compare and contrast essay?

Obviously, for many students, it might be tough but honestly, it’s not rocket science if you get some writing skills. It is a fantastic opportunity to enhance and polish your essay writing as well as critical thinking skills. The core idea behind such sort of essays is to craft analogies to demonstrate important points rather than focus on personal views.

Many of the students have a headache writing essays because they are not acquainted with the guidelines of topic selection to produce an impressive essay. Not only this, but a problem also arises when a point comes to write a comparison between two things. However, this is not a big deal and can be resolved by taking help from examples of topics of compare and contrast essays from online writing services that specifically function to assist students in improving their essay writing skills.


It is highly essential to consider all sorts of themes for the sake of completing the writing assignment. Many of the essayists get confused at the time of selection of compare and contrast topics essay that hold great significance to compose a well-written essay. An essay writer needs to narrow down the list of topics to pick out the theme that is aligned with your interests.

The solution to every problem exists if we are keen to fix things in a suitable manner. Consider 10 topics of such types of essay for every core educational discipline to help you write an essay on any field in the future. Keep calm and use these topics for writing a piece of paper or you can ask others to write my paper .

Topics of Finance

  1. How does financial risk management vary from asset risk management?
  2. Difference between swaps and options
  3. Compare and contrast the main elements of debt and equity financing
  4. How do the various dividend policies differentiate from one other?
  5. Difference between finance and accounting
  6. How does the progressive tax differ from the regressive tax?
  7. Corporate finance vs Islamic finance
  8. Management accounting vs financial accounting
  9. Differentiate between the financing tools in the corporate sector
  10. Similarities and differences between taxation and audit

Topics of Psychology

  1. Which is a more effective medicine for the treatment of depression? Traditional tablets vs Modern tablets
  2. Emotions vs motivations
  3. How does bipolar disorder differ from Epilepsy?
  4. In what ways does a low morale employee act differently from a high morale employee?
  5. Sexual vs racial minorities
  6. Difference between cognitive and physical growth of humans.
  7. The correlation between mental disorders and learning curve
  8. Compare and contrast the key elements of psychology vs sociology
  9. Peaceful child care vs harsh child care
  10. Differences between superego and ego

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Topics of Science

  1. Earth vs Pluto
  2. In what ways do chronic patients act differently from diabetic patients?
  3. Differences between carnivores and herbivores
  4. Highlight similarities and differences between various types of forces
  5. Artificial intelligence vs data analysis
  6. Compare and contrast the greenhouse impact and global warming
  7. Technological era vs stone age
  8. Differences between frictional force and rotational force
  9. How is civil engineering different from mechanical engineering?
  10. Differentiate between sucrose and amino acid

Topics of Economics

  1. Differentiate between physical and capital resources
  2. How is the wage rate different from a fixed salary?
  3. Compare and contrast private goods and public goods
  4. Protectionism vs globalization
  5. How do economists behave differently from financial planners?
  6. Compare and contrast hyperinflation and deflation
  7. Floating exchange rate vs fixed exchange rate
  8. What are the impacts on the economy when it moves from recession to recovery phase? Highlight the similarities and differences of both stages.
  9. How do the principles of macroeconomics differ from the principles of microeconomics?
  10. Differentiate between economic and financial resources

How to Pick out the Topic of your Interest?

  • Pick out the topic that is aligned with your interests.
  • Try to select a topic that is matched with the particular course of study to fulfill the requirements if specified by your course instructor.
  • Be careful to analyze each point of view and incorporate essential and thorough detail against each contrary idea or opinion.
  • Maintain a balance while discussing each argument and remain unbiased and rational.
  • Compose a concluding paragraph to summarize both sides of the arguments. It will enable a reader to explore the answer they actually want to know about.

These tips will be extremely useful to score good academic grades and achieve progress in the academic journey that is full of brightness. So, be vigilant to choose the topic of your essay.

You should give me a chance to use all theme examples to polish your writing skills. So, don’t miss out on the opportunity and utilize your leisure time in writing on different topics for comparing your arguments and contrasting their aspects in the best possible manner. This will not only improve your writing skills but also diversify your mental dictionary. Lastly, you can always consult a paper writing service to complete this task for you.

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