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Complete Guide on Different Types of Speeches

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Published on: Sep 8, 2020

Last updated on: Apr 19, 2023

Types of Speeches

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A speech is a form of communication that aims to inform or entertain an audience. There are many different types of speeches, each with its own intention and style. However, there's one thing they all have in common: the speaker needs some understanding about those who are around them if you want your message heard.

Thus, do you want to know the common types of speeches?

Continue reading this blog and get to know them in detail.

Types of Speeches According to the Purpose

A speech is a message that the speaker wants to convey. The purpose of every speech can break down into three categories: entertainment, informative and persuasive messages delivered with specific purposes.

There are all sorts of speeches, depending on the reason why you're giving one. Here is how they break down into categories:

  • Informative Speech

This kind of speech provides information that can help listeners understand something they don't know or a thing already understood but not clearly.

It is a great way to help the listeners understand the topic in-depth. It provides:

    • New information
    • Information that is not available to everyone
    • Information in a different way

Also, an informative speech may be an explanatory speech, descriptive speech, and definition speech.

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  • Persuasive Speech

A persuasive speech is designed to convince or persuade the audience. There's no one specific tone, as it can vary depending on who you're trying to persuade and why they should care about your side/opinionated point-of-view.

In order to make your persuasive speech as effective and interesting for the audience, you must use three basic propositions. These are:

  1. Factual claims
  2. Value claims
  3. Policy claims

This type of speech is the most difficult because it's not easy to convince people. And if you ask them for an opposing view, then things become more challenging as well.

  • Entertainment Speech

A speaker uses humor and interesting stories to communicate with an audience. The goal is not to have the audience laugh but be captivated by the message delivered throughout the speech.

  • Demonstrative Speech

A good demonstrative speech gives step-by-step instructions on how to do something. Demonstrative speeches are known as "how-to" or guide types of presentations because they use visual aids that show the audience what needs to be done next in a process.

Types of Speeches According to Delivery

Every speaker has a different tone of voice, and the easiest way to start your speech is not always the best one. To deliver an engaging message effectively, it takes plenty of work before you even get on stage or in front of those who are listening.

A good speaker always thinks of the delivery method that is suitable for delivering a particular message. There are four ways you can use when balancing formality with your audience's level of understanding to make them more engaged in what you're saying.

  • Impromptu Speeches

An impromptu speech is a type of speech that you give without having planned. It's the delivery of your message with little or almost no time to contemplate it properly but still managed well enough for an audience.

The good thing about them is that they're spontaneous and given in front of an audience, making you more animated while delivering your message. The bad part about these types of speech is you give little/no time to think about what you say.

  • Extemporaneous Speeches

Extemporaneous speech is the opposite of impromptu, as it's planned and rehearsed properly. It allows for time to prepare well so that you can deliver your speech with confidence when needed.

Most college students focus on a type of public speaking because this form requires more consideration, research, and planning than other types.

  • Manuscript Speeches

In this type of speech, the speaker reads every word from a pre-written speech. It is the easiest type of speech, and you don't forget any important details

  • Memorized Speeches

A memorized speech is one where the speaker does not use any notes. Manuscript speaking is a technique typically employed during official meetings. The speaker needs to convey precise and concise messages that are vital for the success of their work.

Types of Informative Speeches

Here are the four main types of informative speeches.

1. Definition Speech

A definition speech is a description of something that may not be well-known to many people. The topics could be general like sports and highly specific such as a person’s life story-it all depends on what kind of information your audience needs.

2. Explanatory Speech

Explanatory speeches are a great way to explain and describe the topic at hand. They typically focus on how something works and why something happened.

3. Descriptive Speech

It is the most interesting type of speech. A descriptive speech helps the speaker create a vivid mental image of what you're trying to convey.

4. Demonstrative Speech

A demonstrative speech teaches an audience how to do something. Even if someone is an expert at their topic, writing the speech can be challenging because it ensures that everyone has learned something.

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Tips to Write a Great Speech

The following are the tips that will help you in your speech writing phase.

  • Select a good topic for your debate speech.
  • Create an outline.
  • Think about your audience.
  • Do thorough research and collect meaningful information.
  • Write in the first person.
  • Structure your speech.
  • Focus on how people speak in public.
  • Read different special occasion speeches that deliver at birthday parties, farewell, etc., and get an idea from them.
  • Choose the speech type like motivational speech, acceptance speech, oratorical speech, etc., carefully.
  • Keep it short.

Now, you get a complete and detailed guide on different types of speeches. However, if you still need any help with writing an essay, consult the best essay writing service like

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Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

Nova Allison is a Digital Content Strategist with over eight years of experience. Nova has also worked as a technical and scientific writer. She is majorly involved in developing and reviewing online content plans that engage and resonate with audiences. Nova has a passion for writing that engages and informs her readers.

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