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Research Paper Topics: Interesting Ideas To Get Started

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Published on: May 5, 2020

Last updated on: Dec 25, 2022

Research Paper Topics

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Writing a research paper is a fundamental part of academics. Taking several forms, a research paper can be a thesis or a dissertation that is written for the completion of the term or a degree.

The purpose of assigning this assignment is to analyze a student’s ability to conduct research and interpret facts for the readers. Drafting this assignment requires a writer to have a strong understanding of the topic and good writing skills.

Drafting a research paper is based on several parts. From planning to execution, there are a plethora of time-consuming steps that a writer takes. The first and foremost step is to come up with a great topic to begin your paper.

Just as difficult it is to conduct research, coming up with a theme is equally challenging. If you know the importance of choosing the right topic you will know how daunting the process is.

Continue reading to get interesting ideas about the research paper topics. This blog will also enlighten you with the process of selecting the topic.

Good Research Paper Topics

Often, students are unable to come up with a creative idea for their research paper. This is the time when they opt for professional help to assist them in choosing a good theme.

If you are thinking about writing your paper but have not decided on the topic as yet, surf through the list of research topic ideas provided in this guide below.

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High School Research Paper Topics

  • Significance of wearing a school uniform
  • Should students be taught religious studies in schools?
  • Significance of co-education in high schools
  • Is Global Warming real?
  • How current affairs influence the day-to-day life on an individual.
  • Effects of a student-teacher relationship on a child’s learning ability.
  • How do mentally unstable teachers influence students?
  • How does peer pressure cause depression and suicidal thoughts in teenagers?
  • Significance of improving communication skills
  • Death penalties and their impact on criminals

College Research Paper Topics

  • Are language proficiency tests really helpful?
  • How important is completing a degree to be successful?
  • The significance and usefulness of distance learning
  • How to prepare for college tuition
  • The significance of leadership skills in becoming a politician
  • Does substance abuse influence the student’s performance?
  • The role of consultants in the academic life of a student?
  • Importance of school curricular activities in surviving college
  • China’s One-child policy and its impact on the economy.
  • Should the government be providing frequent student loans and aids?

Research Paper Topics On Education

  • How strong is the education system in America?
  • How can education contribute to eradicating poverty from underdeveloped countries?
  • Is homeschooling better than traditional schooling for a child’s professional success?
  • How important is it to teach ethics and values in school?
  • Are public and private schools providing the same level of education?
  • Pros and cons of free education
  • Effectiveness of virtual education
  • How has Covid-19 influenced the education system of the world?
  • Do women enjoy their rights of education equally in all parts of the world?
  • Is our education system preparing the students for the real practical world?

Argumentative Research Paper Topics

  • Do illegal immigrants provide a bad image of the country in the world?
  • Are people becoming antisocial and violent because of video games and the virtual world?
  • Should adoption laws for gay parents be strict?
  • Why is communism the best political system?
  • How to prevent cyberbullying?
  • Should energy drinks and steroids be allowed in sports?
  • How can economic mobility be increased?
  • Is our legal system flawed?
  • Abortion: a pro-choice and laws
  • Potential risks of using birth control pills and other contraceptives

Persuasive Research Paper Topics

  • The hunting of animals should be banned
  • Medical testing on animals should be illegalized
  • Is microchipping immoral and unethical?
  • What makes dogs a better pet than cats?
  • Can a person change his habits over time?
  • Male employees should be allowed paid paternity leaves from the company
  • Influence of politics on newsgathering and broadcast
  • Artificial intelligence is the need for current times
  • Significance of moving from rural to urban areas for development
  • Why are late marriages trending in today’s world?

Easy Research Paper Topics

  • Significance of cultural diversity in a team
  • Traditional music Vs international music
  • The evolution of leisure time activities with the passing age
  • How the hobbies of individuals contribute to shaping their personalities?
  • Procrastination and how to deal with it?
  • Are older people always correct in their opinions?
  • Causes of the generation gap
  • The educative purposes of amusement parks
  • Definition of happiness and peace for people living in rural and urban areas
  • How to communicate with colleagues Vs family

Controversial Topics For Research Paper

  • How to punish rapists and serial killers?
  • the future of Hindu religion
  • How to prevent terrorist attacks in the world?
  • What is it like to be a bi-sexual nowadays?
  • how to prevent illegal immigration?
  • Is the police system of the United States a victim of corruption?
  • How developed countries can help to prevent poverty in underdeveloped countries?
  • College students and sex education
  • Can standardized tests assess a student's intellect?
  • Should the minimum wage of the laborers be increased in underdeveloped countries?

Interesting Research Paper Topics for Different Fields of Study

Here are some intriguing research questions and ideas for students of various research fields.

History Research Paper Topics

  • Interesting findings from the Salem witch trials
  • The evolution of trains in America
  • An analysis of the Roswell UFO incident of 1947
  • Significance of the women’s suffrage movement in America
  • Plot and execution of Abraham Lincoln’s assassination
  • The practices and concepts of Kingship in East and West
  • The first moon landing and its cultural significance
  • The impact of the media coverage of the Vietnam War in America
  • Political events that lead to WWII
  • The transformation of England after the industrial revolution in the 19th Century

Research Paper Topics For Economics

  • The leadership qualities of the 21st-century businessmen
  • The greatest businesswomen of the 20th century
  • How business behaviors changed in recent years
  • Economic factors that made China powerful
  • The most economically stable countries and their working patterns
  • How is market growth influenced by consumer behavior?
  • Profitable small businesses that can boost the economy
  • The history of world development
  • The relation between economics and corporate social responsibilities
  • Impact of gambling on the economy

Research Paper Topics On Health

  • Why is the number of women suffering from PCOS increasing?
  • How to fight insulin resistance?
  • Antibiotics and their effects on the human immune system
  • Facts and myths about child vaccinations
  • How can cyberbullying cause depression and anxiety?
  • Homeopathic and herbal treatment for blood pressure
  • Effects of consuming caffeine on health
  • Emotional stress and its impact on health
  • Healthy eating habits for obese and overweight people
  • Importance of a balanced diet for healthy living

Research Paper Topics About Literature

  • Literature and religion
  • The image of death in Romeo and Juliet
  • The evolution in the portrayal of good and evil in literature
  • Hitler’s use of literature to spread propaganda
  • Importance of imagery in literature
  • Character analysis of Lady Macbeth
  • The differences in the works of literature during the 19th and 20th century
  • The portrayal of good and evil in the Harry Potter series
  • How has the depiction of ghosts and spirits changed in the novels in the 20th and 21st centuries?
  • Psychology and literature

Social Research Paper Topics

  • How to solve the immigration crisis?
  • How to stop racism and discrimination in society?
  • LGBT communities in the world and the hardships they face
  • How to stop human trafficking?
  • The contributions of individuals to stop Global Warming
  • The dependency of societies on technology
  • Impact of social media on the relationships of individuals
  • Chaos and the spread of fake news as a result of social media activities
  • The significance of learning social norms
  • Flaws in NGOs and other governmental social organizations.

Psychology Research Paper Topics

  • Antipsychotics and its pros and cons
  • How therapists contribute to the stability of mental health
  • Can Autism be treated in multiple ways?
  • Is music therapy effective
  • The impact of divorce on the child’s mental health
  • Child abuse and its impact on the child’s personality
  • Psychological instabilities and superstitions
  • Causes of learning disabilities in teenagers
  • Treating depression by emotional support of animals
  • How can your diet cause mental problems?

How To Choose a Research Paper Topic?

Picking the correct topic for your research paper can be the most challenging task. Not every topic allows the writer to draft a successful paper.

Choosing the right topic for your academic writings is essential. The topic lets the audience decide whether to read the document or not. If the topic or subject selected is interesting, it will let the writer gather strong facts and evidence.

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Moreover, a good idea for the topic will help the writer come up with a strong thesis statement. Being the major argument, if the thesis statement is strong, it will ensure the overall success of the paper.

Professionals have gathered some tricks for you to follow when choosing the topic for your paper.

  • Choose Something You Are Interested In - When deciding on the topic, pick something that reflects your interest and passion. If you are interested in a topic, you will effectively conduct extensive research and will gather factual information. Brainstorm ideas that fascinate you and start analyzing whether you can conduct research on it or not. It is important to keep in mind that not every idea you think is worth writing a research paper for.
  • Think of a Broad Topic - The topic you are choosing should be broad enough to let you conduct good research on it. When brainstorming ideas, you will have several ideas. Pick an idea that you think is broad and can be narrowed down to one specific point.
  • Identify the Audience - Another trick to come up with a topic is to identify the targeted audience and their interests. Determine what your audience is expecting from your document. Think of the topic accordingly.
  • Consult Multiple Sources - The availability of information on the chosen topic is another major point to keep in mind. Select a topic for which you have credible and relevant information available. Topics with vast credible resources will make the research process easier and authentic. You will have enough information to prove your point and persuade the audience.
  • Fulfilling the Requirements - When you are assigned a paper to draft, your instructor provides a guideline as well. In these guidelines, all the requirements of the paper are given. When selecting your topic, keep in view the guidelines provided. Your topic should fulfill all the requirements.

If the topic is strong, your research paper’s success is guaranteed.

The idea of choosing the right topic for your paper can come from anywhere. Books, journals, Tv shows, and the internet are full of ideas that can be used to conduct research. No matter which topic you choose, make sure that it contributes to the related field.

People have already done enough in almost every field. Identify the limitations and failures of the previous research on your topic and try to draft an original piece that improves the knowledge of the readers.

If coming up with a topic or writing a research paper is challenging for you, get professional assistance. You can find a reliable essay writing service that assists students in all their academic assignments. is one of those companies that provide expert help to students.

Whether you are looking to get an outline done for your paper or you require complete writing assistance, has your back.

Simply place an order to let our extremely qualified and experienced writers help you draft your essays and research papers.

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Cathy A., Literature, Marketing

Cathy has been been working as an author on our platform for over five years now. She has a Masters degree in mass communication and is well-versed in the art of writing. Cathy is a professional who takes her work seriously and is widely appreciated by clients for her excellent writing skills.

Cathy has been been working as an author on our platform for over five years now. She has a Masters degree in mass communication and is well-versed in the art of writing. Cathy is a professional who takes her work seriously and is widely appreciated by clients for her excellent writing skills.

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