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Write Your Press Release Like an Expert with This Guide

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Published on: Nov 24, 2020

Last updated on: Apr 19, 2023

Press Release

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In a world where everyone is generating their own buzz, brands have to be innovative and communicate in ways that are new. The old way of waiting for the daily newspaper just isn't as relevant anymore with people scanning headlines on Twitter or Facebook instead.

Do you have a big project due in a few weeks and no clue where to start? Are you looking for a creative way to promote your new product or service? If so, then a press release may be the solution for you. But what is a press release, exactly?

How do you format one correctly? And where can you find examples of great press releases that other businesses have written? Read on for answers to all these questions and more.

What is a Press Release?

The press release is an excellent tool for getting your business in front of the people who may not be aware that you exist. It can help spread information about products, services and more through both print or broadcast media, so it's powerful if used correctly.

Press releases are an excellent means of communicating your business's news, including information on when and where something happened. With a press release, you can cover every little detail about one product so there is no confusion for consumers who want more info or have questions regarding the particular item.

To be successful, you need to know your audience. The goal for most people who write these documents is not just attention-grabbing power but also sharing in all the directions they might go with their story or idea so that anyone can read them and benefit from what's being shared!

The voice of a PR needs to be informative and engaging. So that the audience reads the document from the beginning till the end, they will know all th details.

Generating interest and recognition is the goal of a press release distribution, but it's also important to be mindful that not everyone will take notice.

Press Release Template

Here is a PR template that you can use for your business launch:

Release Information] Logo of the


[Company Name]



[Insert Subhead]

[Location], [Date] – News release content.

Explain the news in 3 to 4 paragraphs. Add all the details in these paragraphs.


Media Contact:


[Job Title]

[Email address]

[Phone number]


Types of Press Release

These are the types of PR that are used for different purposes by people in the business field:

  • New Product Launches: Used to launch new businesses and products.
  • Mergers and Acquisitions: Announcements about the collaborations of companies.
  • Product Updates: Talks about the update in the features of products.
  • Events: Discuss the shopping of new events.
  • Grand Openings: It talks about the opening of a new outlet/branch of an already existing business.
  • New Partnerships: Discuss the partnerships of different brands.
  • Rebranding: It tells the customers the new name of the same old brand.
  • Executive Promotions/Hiring: This type of PR talks about the promotion of the employees of the company.
  • Awards: This PR type discusses the awards presented to the company and its employees for good performance.

Press Release Examples

Check out this great press release sample, we hope this will help you a lot!

Demo Company Launches Information Website Get More Zone

Demo Office, a business content and networking platform launched its informative website called GetMoreZone on November 30th at the Xaymaca Hotel.GetMoreZone is designed to allow users access information about products & services offered by businesses across Jamaica & The Caribbean to help them make informed decisions when it comes time for their next purchase or investment.

"We're always looking for ways to improve the user experience and provide more value," said John Doe, president of Demo Company. He pointed out that one project specifically involved listening carefully in order address their needs before developing a product based on those findings

"This collaboration between designers, engineers & marketers really showcases how they work together as One Team!"

GetMoreZone provides a welcoming and easy-to-navigate site that helps you find formation. The chat rooms are an excellent way for visitors to ask questions or discuss content with other people while they're on the website!

This company has been around for twelve years and specializes in developing lead web applications. They have 40 employees who design, develop or optimize sites across all aspects of internet marketing including search engine optimization! For more information visit


Mary Jane, Demo Company Ltd

Here are a number of good PR examples that will aid to make your news release better:

How to Write a Press Release?

Follow these steps to write your professional PR:

1. Write an Interesting Headline

The headline is the most important part of your release. It needs to be interesting and eye-catching so people will read it, but also grammatically correct without being too formal or difficult-to understand for those who don't know much about English.

The internet is filled with press releases. You have a chance to stand out from the rest by using Search Engine Optimization techniques!

2. Convey the Valuable News

The more interesting and engaging your content, the higher chance that people will want to share it with their friends.

The introduction of your research paper is an extremely important part. It should be concise and interesting to make sure the reader stays motivated in reading further.

3. Include Quotations

The power of quotes should not be underestimated. Quotes can be used from time to time to drag the attention of the readers.

Quotations are an excellent way to show the wisdom and experience that people have gained through their lives. Therefore, you quotes that were said by the higher authorities in your company.

4. Give Background Information

Given the background of your company, this way the reader can know more about your business. For example, you can talk about who was the founder of the company (CEO) and other business partners.

5. Answer the Questions

Give answers to the most frequently asked questions about your company, products or services. Try answering all 'WH' queries in the press release!

Press Release Format

Check if your press release is written in the below-given format:

  • Company Logo

    Logos are a great way to give your company's name and logo recognition in any industry. They can also help people find you through Google by providing more information about what you offer, which might be useful when promoting products or services on social media sites like Facebook!

  • Contact Information

    Make your press release stand out with a catchy headline! Make sure everything is clear and easy to find for any customer interested in what you have going on.

    If you have any news stories or other information that might interest publishers, please be sure to include your contact information at the top of each release so they can easily get in touch with us.

  • Release Date

    The publication date is an important detail that you need to include in order for people who want updates on your latest news. Make sure they're up-to-date with what's happening!

    The date is written in the left margin next to a logo. It's noted as Release (date) & (time).

  • Headline

    Headlines are the most crucial aspect of any marketing campaign. They not only need to have great messages but also exciting information that will keep readers interested for further reading!

    The headline should be in the center with 14pts font and bolded.

  • Sub Headings

    To keep your text interesting and easy to read, subheadings are a great way of dividing it up into different sections.

  • Dateline

    The date and location of the event is what makes it a memorable experience for all who read the news release. We use dashes in between the date to separate it from the other text.

  • First Body Paragraph

    The ‘WH’ questions are a common and important part of the writing process. They force you to think about what's happening in your story, which can often lead writers astray when they don't take these things into consideration beforehand!

    We know that readers are more likely to stay engaged with your story when they're able focus on what you want them for.

    So instead of dragging information from throughout an essay, these persuasive bullet points will help provide facts in a way so as not distract or interrupt their flow! Answer all the questions in one paragraph.

  • Remaining Body Paragraphs

    The summary in this section should paint a clear picture of what has been happening so far with less detail than before if necessary. You can use any relevant quotes or media links to help readers follow along, but make sure it remains engaging enough for their tastes!

  • Boilerplate

    Boilerplate is a brief introduction of the country for the readers so they know who runs the company. Keep the intro of your business concise & captivating.

  • End

    Include your phone number, email address or other social media accounts in this space at the end of your document. It will help readers & other companies and easily reach you.

    Once you’re done with writing, revise and edit to make your PR flawless!

Tips for Publishing Press Release

The release of your new product is not only an exciting moment for you, but it's also something that will be seen by the public. Distribution can sometimes take up more time than production- especially if there are some unusual circumstances or industry changes going on!

The following are some tips to help increase your chance of getting the most out of distribution:

  • Target Specific Journalists

    Personalized messages are much better than generalized press releases. They're worth investing time in sending personalized emails to targeted audiences instead of blasting out information all over the place, because it will make your recipients feel special and valued!

    Stand out from the crowd and grab people's attention with a unique message.

  • Send Your PR to Only the Lead Journalists

    If you're looking to get your press release in front of the media, it's important that they have all relevant information at their disposal. So why not send them an advance copy? This will give journalists time to craft articles around upcoming releases.

    The journalist is not allowed to share the information with anyone until it’s released officially.

  • Publish Your PR a Few Days Earlier

    It's not important to publish your press release during certain hours of the day because people will be distracted and may miss what you have written. For example, do not schedule an article for 1 p.m., 3 pm or 5 pm as these times often see high volumes in publishing activity - this could result in confusion about who published them!

  • Reach News Media Coverage

    While it is important not to relax until the news outlets have picked up your release and given it its own coverage.

You are about to embark on a journey that will change lives. Share this with your social media platforms, followers and email everyone who follows you!

Thanks for reading! We hope that this guide has helped and will continue to help your success with writing. Additionally, is always here if you need assistance from professional writing services specializing in press release writing.

We are a team of professional writers who will help you gain more customers for your business. Reach out today and request some writing from us!

Frequently Asked Question

How long should a press release be?

A good rule of thumb is that the average press release should be no more than 500 words, and ideally closer to 300-400 for optimal length. The important part is PR needs to be interesting to keep the readers engaged in further reading.

Caleb S.


Caleb S., Marketing, Literature

Caleb S. has been providing writing services for over five years and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first.

Caleb S. has been providing writing services for over five years and has a Masters degree from Oxford University. He is an expert in his craft and takes great pride in helping students achieve their academic goals. Caleb is a dedicated professional who always puts his clients first.

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